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Krishome opens more showrooms and receives an award for active involvement and support for the promotion of proper installation of joinery products in the nationwide educational campaign Thermomodernization + Good installation

05 of June '24

The Polish Joinery Congress is the most important event in the Polish joinery industry. It combines inspiring discussions, presentation of the latest trends, speeches by leading experts, and its culmination is a gala at which industry awards are presented.

This year, the gala also turned out to be the perfect time to recognize Partners of the "Thermomodernization + Good Installation" campaign. Krishome 's commitment to promoting comprehensive thermo-modernization of buildings was noticed and highly appreciated by the Association of Polish Windows and Doors and industry journalists. Consideration was given to the comprehensiveness of the services of the Sales Points, substantive knowledge, the opinion of investors and the manufacturer's training support.

On behalf of Krishome, the award was received by Executive Director Grzegorz Ratajczak.

"Good installation is as important as a good product. Lack of knowledge, poor quality of accessories used and installation errors affect the loss of product properties and, above all, increase the cost of their operation. Ultimately, investors lose money, and the manufacturer and installation company lose the trust of their customers. And here the circle closes. We want to change this." - Grzegorz Ratajczak comments.

For the Good Installation campaign, Krishome has invited all showrooms from its network. Guarantee of Peace, as the company's main slogan, carries the promise of high quality of both products and installation services.

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