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Discover windows and doors that are as modern as our lives

08 of December '23

Innovative technical solutions. The highest comfort of use. For you and for future generations. Such are the products of REHAU. Windows, balcony, terrace and exterior doors. And also smart technologies and useful accessories. You will find all this in our offer.

You decide what is important to you. Because it's your life that takes center stage. Rehau Window Systems make it quieter, brighter and more comfortable around you. Just the way you want it to be.


REHAU's SYNEGO windows carry the EcoPuls product mark. This means that the window profile contains more than 40% recycled materials. REHAU is a symbol of this positive environmental trend. Enjoy not only the comfort of your windows, but also your well-being, because you have chosen a product made in a sustainable way.

Rehau Synego przekroje

Rehau Synego cross sections


Doubly sustainable

With excellent thermal insulation properties, SYNEGO windows are also your long-term contribution to environmental protection. Installed in your house or apartment, they achieve up to 45% more thermal insulation, compared to old generation windows*. This saves energy, provides cozy warmth, and increases the value of your property.

In the case of SYNEGO windows in the version with a center seal (MD), their suitability for a passive house has also been confirmed, according to ift guidelines.

SYNEGO windows easily achieve the RC 2 burglary resistance class.

Rehau Synego HST

Rehau Synego HST


Preventive burglary protection

The REHAU Smart Guard alarm module integrated into the window detects burglars and actively deters them before any damage is done. In an emergency, the main alarm is radio-activated. The system can be expanded with an optional Smart Home connection - for individual alarm programs.

Rehau Synego HST

Rehau Synego HST


Dirt-resistant surface

In ordinary windows, due to the more porous surface structure, dirt can easily settle in the cavities and is difficult to remove.

Windows made with High-Definition-Finishing (HDF) technology achieve much smoother surfaces on which dirt can hardly settle.

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