Flooring is really the basis of our interior. Not only does it give the space the right look, but it must provide functionality and comfort for years to come for its users.

What to pay attention to when choosing flooring?

Whether choosing flooring for the home or for public interiors with many occupants, the floor should not only look good, but also meet safety standards. However, functionality is not everything. Of course, we want to ensure that our flooring is safe for use, but modern interiors must also be beautiful and attract the customer. And here irreplaceable turn out to be resin floors, which offer unlimited design possibilities. They can beautify any interior thanks to seamless technology. However, a uniform structure is still not enough to give a space the right character. The solution may be large-format prints, which will enliven any interior and make their reception more interesting and better remembered, and customers are more likely to return to such places.

visual communication on floors

With unlimited printing possibilities on the surface of floors can also serve an informative function, especially in public places. Information can be placed on them to make it easier for people to function in a given space.

Airports, train stations and other places where crowds gather, especially with extra luggage on wheels, are particularly prone to high floor wear. However, they must maintain an elegant style, be waterproof to keep out water and protect the concrete floor from deterioration, while maintaining the performance of the best non-slip surface.

Slip-resistant flooring does not only perform certain safety functions. It can be the main element of interior design, which attracts attention and encourages repeat visits to a particular place.