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Baumit Alpha 2000 self-leveling floor underlayment

08 of December '21

Flooring on the level
Baumit Alpha 2000 self-leveling floor underlayment.

A floor finished with elegant wood, fashionable tiles or designer carpet is a striking element, complementing the interior design. Although the finished floor ultimately attracts admiring glances, it should not be forgotten that its representative appearance is largely due to what is not visible in everyday use. Durability, functionality and aesthetics of the floor, is a natural consequence of a perfectly prepared substrate.

The floor is one of the most important structural elements of a building and is an important component of the finish of the ceiling or floor slab. In order to ensure the proper durability and usability of the floor, it is critical that the floor subfloor (also known as screed) is properly constructed, even and has adequate mechanical strength. Its task is to transfer loads and provide an even surface before the floor is laid.

Baumit oferuje
produkty dopasowane do potrzeb Architektów, Wykonawców i Inwestorów.

Baumit offers products tailored to the needs of architects, contractors and investors.
All to make everyone's living nicer, healthier and more economical

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Depending on its intended use and function, a floor underlay should have the right technical parameters. Let the crowning argument confirming the importance of this element be the fact that a poorly designed or improperly made floor most often means a costly renovation for the investor in the near future. And after all, this is not what we want.

podkład podłogowy Baumit Alpha 2500 w systemie z prefabrykowaną płytą z wypustkami do montażu rur ogrzewania

Baumit Alpha 2500 self-leveling floor underlayment
in a system with a prefabricated slab with tabs for installing heating pipes

© Baumit

A floor underlay to suit interiors

An excellent solution in the category of modern floor underlays, which is gaining in popularity, are self-leveling mortars based on a composition of binders containing calcium sulfate(VI) half-hydrate of the alpha variety.

Baumit Alpha 2000 underlayment based on this formulation is characterized by very good spreading, is shrinkage-free, and obtaining a smooth and even surface does not require additional smoothing. It can therefore be applied quickly and easily. Its advantage is also water resistance - higher than that of anhydrite screeds.

Układanie maszynowe
Baumit Alpha na dużej powierzchni bez konieczności stosowania dodatkowych dylatacji

Machine laying Baumit Alpha on a large surface
and without the need for additional expansion joints

© Baumit

It's also a great solution when it comes to the prospect of using the surface quickly - walking on the screed is possible as early as the second day after application (in the case of primers bonded to the substrate, even after 6 hours). Temperature distribution is much more favorable with liquid primers. Thermal energy is distributed much more efficiently. This significantly reduces costs and makes it easier to control heating.

Rozkład temperatur
dla standardowego ogrzewania

Temperature distribution for standard heating and underfloor heating

© Baumit

Baumit Alpha 2000 will perform well inside residential and public buildings, when designing floor underlays in the thickness range of 25-60 mm - bonded to the substrate, on a separating or thermal insulation layer. It will ideally serve as an underlay for tiles, carpets, parquet, panels, providing a smooth and even surface with high strength.

The perfect duo

Thanks to its properties, Baumit Alpha 2000 works perfectly with underfloor heating systems, ensuring optimal heat transfer from the heating system (water or electric heating) through the underlay.

podkład podłogowy Alpha 2000 w klasycznym rozwiązaniu ogrzewania podłogowego

Alpha 2000 self-leveling floor underlay
in a classic underfloor heating solution

© Baumit

The liquid consistency ensures that the mortar thoroughly surrounds the heating tubes and translates into excellent heating efficiency. In addition, the high thermal conductivity λ ≥ 1.6 W/mK, combined with a homogeneous structure, makes such an underlayment heat up even twice as fast as a cement-based one (for which the λ is about 1.0-1.4 W/mK) and more efficiently transfers heat to the room. This, in turn, means measurable energy savings.

What's more, the high strength and technical parameters of Baumit Alpha make it possible to reduce the thickness of the screed from 45-50 mm to 35 mm over the heating pipes, while at the same time without reinforcing it. So, if you want the highest efficiency of your underfloor heating system - Alpha binder-based screed is definitely the best option. Also when we want to quickly start the installation. With this technology, it is possible after just 3 days. With anhydrite screeds you have to wait 7 days, and with cement screeds the time extends to about 21 days.

rozwiązania systemowe dla ogrzewania podłogowego

Examples of system solutions for underfloor heating

© Baumit

Finishing the floor with ceramic tiles, natural stone or panels requires the use of a suitable underlay. Already at the stage of the architectural design it is worth choosing a solution that will guarantee the intended effect, expressed in the satisfaction of the investor and his positive recommendation. Only high-quality products ensure that the final exam for an impressive, functional and durable floor will be passed with flying colours.

For more information, visit the company's Baumit Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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