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29 of July '22

Atmospheric factors and air pollution cause a facade to lose its decorative qualities over time and need refreshing. Often it is enough to repaint the walls so that the building regains its attractive appearance. However, for the effect to meet our aesthetic expectations and last for years, making the investment economically viable, it is important to choose the right paint. In addition to the color, allowing to bring out the architectural qualities of the block, it is also worth paying attention to the functional properties of the product. It depends on them how long our facade will retain its representative character. Which of them is worth paying special attention to? The answer is in a moment.

The outer layers of buildings in our climate have to face difficult challenges, such as high temperatures and strong sunlight in summer, high humidity in autumn or very low temperatures in winter, among others. Added to this is the phenomenon of smog and related air pollution. This causes that over time, a facade finished with a thin-layer structural plaster or painted with paint - naturally ages - covers with dirt particles, turns gray, loses its color under the influence of excessive sunlight. Sometimes a green or black tarnish appears on it, which is a sign that it has been attacked by microorganisms - harmful to our health and the technical condition of the thermal insulation or the building envelope itself.

Wybierając wysokiej jakości tynki i farby elewacyjne zapewniamy sobie spokój na długie lata

Choosing high-quality plasters and facade paints ensures peace of mind for years to come


For better well-being

Scientists confirm that the appearance of the places where we live and the buildings around us affect our sense of security, well-being and quality of life. Everyone will probably agree that we feel much better in a space that is pleasing to the eye, and vice versa. Especially when it comes to our own home, the sight of a soiled, discolored facade can be frustrating. Especially since it accompanies us on our daily commute home, and creates the setting for gatherings with family or friends. While many things around us are beyond our control, the immediate environment that is our property is. It is worth taking care of its aesthetics, so that we can spend time in a space from which we will draw only good energy.

Color - an important issue

The key to a successful facade renovation is to choose the right facade paint. A very important role in the context of the final effect is played by its color, which can give the mass a subtle or, on the contrary, expressive character. When making a decision, it is worth looking at the immediate area to maintain the harmony of the space. If you want to optically enlarge the block or make it stand out against the background of its surroundings, bet on light beiges, grays or pastels - darker colors will give us the opposite effect.

A good choice will also be the timeless white, perfectly combining with other colors and appearing in various shades, but on condition that we decide on a paint of the highest quality, resistant to dirt. Facing the choice of the color of facade paint, it is also necessary to take into account the color scheme of the roof, window frames, doors, garage doors, as well as gutters or window sills, keeping in mind that the whole should form a coherent composition.

Bet on silicone!

At least as important a factor as the color of the paint coating is its functional properties. Remember that it has a decorative function, and also protects exterior walls from harmful weather conditions or biological corrosion.

A great choice for the facade will be silicone paint. Such a decorative and at the same time protective paint coat works especially well on thermal insulation systems and in the renovation and restoration of existing facades. It can be applied to any type of plaster or paint, because it works well on all mineral substrates - new and old. But this is not the only argument in favor of its choice. There are purely practical aspects involved, followed by specific benefits - usable and economic.

Silicone paint protects the facade well from dirt and shows natural resistance to algae and fungal growth. It is characterized by low absorption and at the same time high vapor permeability, which allows the walls to "breathe" freely. Therefore, it will perform well on insulation, using both polystyrene foam and mineral wool as thermal insulation material. What's more, hydrophobicity means that water does not easily penetrate the surface of the paint, but flows over it, washing away dust and other impurities settling on the facade. In addition, the flexibility of such a coating makes its surface characterized by high resistance to scratches, cracks, as well as thermal deformation.

Baumit StarColor

Baumit StarColor


Silicone premium level

If you want the renovated facade to maintain its great appearance for as long as possible, it is worth considering a premium silicone paint, such as Baumit StarColor, which has increased - compared to standard solutions - resistance to contamination and increased protection against fungi, algae or mold. It is washable, and its high covering power is also an added advantage.

Its special properties make it highly resistant to moisture and successfully cope with harsh weather conditions, making the building look like freshly painted even after years. Like all Baumit facade plasters and paints, it is available in a wide range of colors, and even the darkest shades remain safe for insulation and do not fade, thanks to the fact that they are equipped with special coolpigments that reflect a significant part of the sun's rays. All this translates into comfortable use and long-lasting aesthetics of the facade without frequent maintenance, which ultimately makes the investment more profitable.

Note: Before proceeding with renovation painting, remember to clean the wall surface of existing dirt with the appropriate means. For ordinary dirt, it is enough to apply a facade cleaner (such as Baumit ReClean) to the wall surface, wait a few minutes and rinse. If, in addition, we have observed green or black efflorescence, resulting from the activity of microorganisms, it is essential to use a fungus and algae remover (such as Baumit FungoFluid).

A painted facade can look attractive for a long time. However, for this to happen, several conditions must be met. The basis is a high-quality facade paint. If, in addition, we follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the use of the product and follow the rules of the art of construction, we can be sure of a beautiful and long-lasting effect.

For more information, visit the company's Baumit Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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