Even more convenient Ultra Box drawers

31 of January '24

No one needs to be convinced anymore that drawers are one of the most convenient solutions for base cabinets. But can they be even more comfortable in everyday use? Can they open more easily, pleasantly and quietly? Yes, they can. REJS Ultra Box systems have been enriched with further innovations that make using them even more pleasant. See why.

Ultra Box reling

Ultra Box railing


Introduced just a year ago, the Ultra Box line of drawers have been surprising from the day of their launch. They are distinguished by the modern aesthetics of slim thin sides with a thickness of only 13 mm. But not only that. A huge emphasis was also placed on their usability qualities — especially the comfort of opening and closing. That's why they have been tested to withstand as many as 80,000 cycles with a load of 40 kg, which is confirmed by a certificate issued by the notified body SGS.

- That's not all. Now the movement comfort of Ultra Box drawers is even higher. Thanks to synchronized extension, even wide drawers move stably and evenly. A soft pull ensures gentle and discreet closing, while with the new push-to-open mechanism, a light press on the front is all it takes for the drawer to open automatically — quietly and smoothly — explains Agnieszka Sobocińska, Marketing Director at REJS .

Ultra Box z zabierakiem

Ultra Box with a taker


-The push to open system is a very convenient solution, for example, for kitchen and bathroom furniture, where we often have busy, wet or dirty hands. Thanks to it, to open the furniture we do not have to grab the handle or front at the risk of getting it dirty. Lower drawers can be opened with a knee or even a foot — she adds.

Behind one front

A small mechanism used in the increasingly popular internal drawers — that is, those hidden behind one common front — is also quite a convenience. The taker, as it is referred to, is a special handle that allows us to quickly decide which drawer we want to open at the moment. With its help, we can pull out the top drawer, which is not connected to the front, or — after pressing the grip release button — we can open only the front drawer — the one located at the bottom.

Another convenience that increases the stability of drawers with a high front are additional side rails. Thanks to them, even wide and highly loaded models (for example, those in which we keep waste separation systems) will not cause us any problems during opening and closing. The use of the best materials and guides in the Ultra Box, guarantees a really high load capacity — at the level of 40 kg, which we will appreciate, for example, in the aforementioned drawers with waste garbage cans or in the pantry. Besides, even the installation of Ultra Box itself, thanks to the click system and 3D front adjustment, is very simple.

Ultra Box w biurze

Ultra Box in the office


Large selection of dimensions

Comfort of movement is not the only advantage of Ultra Box systems. These drawers can be perfectly matched to the built-in, among other things, due to the multitude of dimensions of the available components. They are offered in 4 heights (86, 118, 167 and 199 mm) and 6 slide lengths (300, 350, 400, 450, 500 and 550 mm). Sets include: slide, side, back panel mount and end caps. All components are in white or graphite.

- The front (in the case of front models), back and bottom of the Ultra Box drawer, on the other hand, are made of furniture board — for example, the same one used to build the cabinets or fronts of a given cabinet. This allows you to determine the width of the drawer yourself each time, depending on your needs and the specifics of the space, and — which is also very important — allows you to achieve an even better visual effect. Everything will fit together perfectly — adds Agnieszka Sobocińska.

Ultra Box w sypialni

Ultra Box in the bedroom


The icing on the cake are interior organization systems that will work well in interiors of various types: kitchen, bathroom, living room, dressing room and even office. In the case of Ultra Box drawers, you can choose from elegant wooden kitchen inserts, wardrobe inserts lined with black or copper velvet, and universal rails. All of them will make it easier to keep stored items in order — without the risk of shifting or mixing even small items.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdD portal.

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