The magic of meetings at the Christmas table

13 of December '23

Christmas is a time of gathering around the table. We spend time, have conversations with loved ones and eat meals together at it. Katarzyna Szostakowska delights with a unique collection of tables with stoneware tops made of Monolith large-format tiles from Tubądzin Group. Discover unconventional proposals and get amazed by the original arrangements..

During the holidays, the table is an important decorative element. Artful and tasteful arrangements are created on tabletops. It is worth moving away from the traditional color palette and choose original solutions. Experiments with colors such as blue or navy blue, or even combinations of different shades of green can be an interesting suggestion. Decorations are highlighted by Christmas lights, which fill the house with a subtle glow.

Okrągły stolik ozdobiony płytami z kolekcji Onice Bianco Mat Okrągły stolik z płytami Onice Bianco Mat

Round table decorated with tiles from the Onice Bianco Mat collection.

© Tubądzin

- In Polish tradition, we meet at the table. We invite our nearest and dearest to it — family and friends. Christmas at my house means, of course, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, but it's not the only thing. I also pay a lot of attention to smaller arrangements that create an atmosphere in all interiors. - says Katarzyna Szostakowska, interior designer, founder of the respected interior design service PoliszDesign by Kate&Co
- On Christmas Eve, the table gets the attention of all household members. We eat special dishes that we look forward to all year round at it. Then we move to the sofa and have conversations at the coffee tables — adds.

A table is not just a table top and legs. It's also a space that gets its character from unique details. Katarzyna Szostakowska decided to emphasize the uniqueness of her tables by replacing the classic tops with large-format stoneware tiles from Tubądzin Group. She combined the large-format stoneware with natural wood and a modern form.

Wysoki stolik z płytą z kolekcji Grand Cave Wysoki stolik z płytą Grand Cave

A high table with a slab from the Grand Cave collection

© Tubądzin

The result is unique furniture that adds character to the interior. The dining table, but also the coffee tables, side tables and console, create a thoughtful and functional layout. It's a perfectly laid out space for conversation, relaxation and meetings at home. Attention is drawn to the highest quality materials and attention to detail.

On the coffee table, Katarzyna Szostakowska used the Impress collection, inspired by Patagonian quartzite. The distinctive pattern and deep green color varied with beige staining make it the focal point of any living room. The round table was decorated with tiles from the Onice Bianco Mat collection that referrs to the beauty of onyx. The off white of the tiles brings associations with the sky waking up in the morning, creating a unique atmosphere in any room.

Stolik kawowy z płytami z kolekcji Impress Stolik kawowy z płytami Impress

Coffee table with tiles from the Impress collection

© Tubądzin

The console was decorated with tiles from the Travertino collection, inspired by travertine from Yellowstone Park. The pattern was transferred to the interiors, giving the space elegance and uniqueness. Meanwhile, the small high table, gained a new dimension thanks to a tile from the Grand Cave collection, inspired by the beauty of slate rock.

Konsola z płytkami z kolekcji Travertino Konsola z płytami Travertino

Console with tiles from the Travertino collection

© Tubądzin

Katarzyna Szostakowska's tables are not just utilitarian furniture, but true works of art that give interiors a unique character. This holiday season it is worth betting on unconventional solutions that will make meetings around the table even more special and magical.

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