A dream of owning a house comes true with Domum.pl - new platform with prefabricated houses from trusted manufacturers

20 of March '24

Building your own house is one of the most important events in a life. When choosing our dream project, we want to be sure that once the decision is made, it will translate into many years of comfortable life. Fortunately, today we can count on modern technologies that will provide us with this — and more. At a time when prefabricated houses are gaining popularity in Poland, the Domum.pl platform debuts on the market. It concentrates projects from the best Polish manufacturers of prefabricated houses in one place. We check what makes it stand out.

What does it mean prefabricated?

When it comes to today's housing sector, whether on the topic of decarbonization, rising investment costs or limited availability of building materials, investors are increasingly turning to lightweight prefabricated construction. Houses using this technology are an excellent alternative to traditional but long-lasting methods of erecting buildings, as well as apartments, whose prices are spiking nowadays.

A prefabricated house is most often a timber-frame building, the individual components of which are created from the highest quality materials under controlled shop conditions. All the partitions — interior and exterior walls with installed windows and doors, floor, attic, ceiling and roof, and even the necessary installations — are built on a frame of certified structural timber or steel frame. The finished elements are transported to the investor's plot, where they are precisely assembled by specialists like a puzzle, component by component. This technology allows for a significant reduction of the time it takes to erect a building, minimization of production waste and better quality control of the workmanship of individual elements. The result is a perfectly insulated, energy-efficient and sustainable home that is comfortable and safe for occupants.

-The incredible advantage of houses from prefabricated elements is certainly the speed of their construction that does not in any way affect quality, durability or safety. Some manufacturers emphasize that the implementation of the project can take as little as 90 days from the approval of the offer, and the installation itself at the target site is already a matter of a few to several hours, depending on the complexity of the selected house model. The production of building elements in the factory makes it independent of weather conditions or seasons, unlike traditional construction, and thus brings investors closer to realizing the dream of their own house more quickly — says Piotr Wereski, an expert in prefabricated construction at Domum.

As a counterpoint to the unstable prices on the housing market or the rising cost of building a traditional house, the prefabricated houses on Domum.pl have a transparent price list (both for the project and the subsequent logistical process), since the entire implementation remains in the hands of one manufacturer. We get to know the final amount already at the decision-making stage, and once the offer is approved, it remains at the same level — with no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises for the budget. Depending on the selected degree of finishing of the house (closed shell, developer or turnkey), you can plan the next steps, i.e. finishing / interior design.

Platforma Domum.pl skupia w jednym miejscu projekty od najlepszych polskich producentów domów prefabrykowanych

The Domum.pl platform brings together projects from the best Polish manufacturers of prefabricated houses in one place

© Domum.pl

Domum.pl – configure your dream home

Modern houses meet the expectations of their owners and the specifics of the times. The designs of ready-made prefabricated houses can be tailored to the needs and tastes of homeowners. On the platform Domum.pl we will decide not only about the appearance of the body of the building — the color of the roofing, facade, windows, doors, flashing or plinths, the degree of finishing of the investment, additions in the form of facade blinds, shed or garagegarage, but also about the location of the house on the building plot in relation to the sides of the world, in order to make the best use of sunlight and reduce the need for interior heating in winter.

- At each stage of configuring the project, the user will find valuable tips on, for example, the thermal comfort of the residents depending on the exposure of the room to the sun, or on how to get the highest solar gains to make the most of the potential of the project and the plot. Although we put an online tool in the hands of customers, we do not leave them without support. We have managed to create a committed team of specialists to help verify choices and dispel doubts about the framing technology or solutions used. Domum.pl is a platform created as part of Saint-Gobain Solutions innovation belonging to the Saint-Gobain Group — a leader in sustainable and lightweight construction. It was therefore created with the participation of experts who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field — adds Piotr Wereski.

Construction solutions, that we can find in the projects available on the Domum.pl platform, include high-class insulation materials (mineral wool), construction chemicals and drywall elements (structural gypsum boards with a vapor barrier membrane). Each project is equipped with an efficient ventilation and heating system. At the configuration stage of the selected project, we can choose packages to further increase thermal comfort — additional insulation within the walls, ceilings and floors, installation of a heat pump, use of mechanical ventilation with recuperation, photovoltaic panels on the roof or energy-efficient glazing.

Konfigurator gotowych domów prefabrykowanych Domum.pl

The configurator of ready-made prefabricated houses

© Domum.pl

However, this is not the end of the possibilities that Domum.pl has to offer

- Our configurator of prefabricated houses allows you to make calculations related to the energy performance of the building. By providing the coordinates of the purchased building plot and using the simulator of the project's arrangement with respect to the world's directions, users can learn about the measurable financial savings and environmental benefits of building with this technology already at the investment planning stage. For this purpose, we have data on average monthly and annual temperature from as many as 80 climate stations in Poland. The Domum.pl application engine allows you to calculate the annual savings on heating a prefabricated house compared to a building made in traditional technology and meeting the current requirements of the Technical Conditions. The configurator also takes into account the impact of additional equipment affecting the energy efficiency of the house, such as the heating source. We can also predict CO₂ savings on an annual basis. Thanks to this, when building our dream prefabricated house, we know that our comfortable living will not be „inconvenient” for the environment — says Sławomir Klimek, Chief Technology Officer, Domum.pl.

Such a comprehensive analysis allows us to create a house that not only looks beautiful, but is ergonomic in the long term and friendly to its occupants. Thanks to Domum.pl, we will get to know both the expenses for its construction, as well as its future operation, which will allow us to optimally plan the home budget at the earliest stage of fulfilling our dream.

The platform is free and open to the public, we encourage you to go to: https://domum.pl/.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the A&B portal.

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