Planibel Dark Grey - designer's choice now available at Eko-Okna

10 of September '23

An avant-garde, environmentally friendly and functional home is the dream and goal of today's interior designers and their clients. It is worth keeping track of what products designers choose, as it is a guarantee of solidity and style. One of the currently fashionable yet universal proposals is Planibel Dark Grey glass. It has just appeared in the offer of Eko-Okna.

Unquestionable quality and functionality

The distinguishing feature of this product is certainly the high quality of manufacture. The glass is produced from the best European components and its sheet is more than even and smooth.

Thanks to the technology of tinting the glass in the mass instead on the surface, the shade is more intense and the color does not fade over time. The 29% translucency and the partial twilight that goes with it add a private touch to rooms, but without completely darkening them.

The glass comes from AGC GLASS POLAND Sp. z o.o. and is 6 mm thick. If desired, the glass can be tempered, which increases its mechanical and thermal durability by as much as nine times.

An important aspect in the context of interior planning is ecology. Glass is inherently environmentally friendly and recyclable — unlike the alternative plastic. The customer thus reduces the amount of waste.

Endless design possibilities

Dark Grey is a fashionable and versatile shade. Customers of woodwork showrooms ask for it extremely often.

- All shades of gray work well in minimalist apartments and offices, highlighting other architectural elements and introducing an aura of luxury. Glass will go exceptionally well with our Ekoline door panels, but this is only the beginning of the possibilities of arranging interiors with Planibel Dark Grey- says Marzena Bauerek, head of marketing at Eko-Okna.

Glass is a material so versatile that it can be used in any type of room. Interior architects recommend Planibel Dark Grey for partition walls, fanlights at entrance doors, shower cabins or balustrades at stairs. However, it is worth looking for inspiration online, where Dark Grey appears as tables, shelves or doors in kitchen furniture. You are only limited by your imagination.

 Planibel Dark Grey

Planibel Dark Grey

© Eko-Okna

The perfect product at your fingertips

One thing is for sure — Planibel Dark Grey glass gets great reviews from both professionals and customers after projects. It is worth having it in your offer, as well as incorporating it into your apartment or workplace.

Please contact the sales department to learn more about the current offer of Eko-Okna.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdD portal.

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