Futuro - a recipe for a friendly office

12 of April '24

The key to organizing any friendly office, both corporate and home one, is the right desk. What does it mean? Preferably a desk with adjustable height, which will make it easier to change positions while studying or working, and thus allow us to take care of our health.

According to statistics, the amount of time we spend at our desks while working and studying, as well as playing games and surfing the web, is getting longer every year. And yet, a sedentary posture is not at all the one that is most natural and beneficial to our health. Prolonged sitting, which is unavoidable with traditional, stationary desks, can cause many health problems, including back pain, circulation problems, as well as an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

That's why it's so important to be able to customize the desk to meet the individual needs and preferences of the user. And we are talking here not only about adjusting the height of the desk to the height of the working person, but also about a less common, but equally important issue — the flexibility of the piece of furniture allowing the user to change positions while working.

Biurko z regulowaną wysokością położenia blatu

Desk with adjustable height of the tabletop position


Futuro – one desk for many people

But can a desk be flexible? Yes — if you use REJS' Futuro frames.

- Futuro II and Futuro Compact are electrically controlled, comfortable frames, which allow infinite adjustment of the height of the top in the range of 625-1275 and 685-1180 mm respectively. Thanks to them, we can comfortably and quickly raise or lower the tabletop depending on what position we want to take at the moment: standing, sitting or kneeling on the appropriate seats. What's more, they make it possible to quickly adjust the desk to another user — such as a child, and without having to take everything off the top — explains Agnieszka Sobocińska, REJS Marketing Director.

What are the benefits? Using an adjustable desk encourages more frequent position changes, which in turn stimulates circulation and reduces tension in muscles and joints. Little else. Regularly switching from sitting to standing can improve concentration and work efficiency, which is also good for mental health.

Mebel pozwala na zmianę pozycji w trakcie pracy

The furniture allows you to change positions while working


More options and more comfort

Controlling the Futuro frames is very simple. Just press the appropriate button on the control panel and the table top raises or lowers, and its exact height is displayed on the panel. If you do not want to adjust the optimal level every time — you can set fixed values — the panels will remember 3 positions.

What are the differences between the two frames? Futuro II is faster and wider, although both allow width adjustment: in the range: 1075-1800 mm (Futuro II) and 900-1200 mm (Futuro Compact). Permissible loads are respectively: 120 and 100 kg. The racks are available in three colors — white, black and silver. To make it easier to charge your phone or other office equipment, they are equipped with USB sockets (A and C Futuro II and USB C Futuro Compact). Additional accessories such as cable grommets and troughs, as well as Elektrima's Quadro, Slider, Ring and Tubus retractable office extension cords fit both.

- With safety in mind, both versions of Futuro feature a mechanism that halts movement when an obstacle is noticed, known as an anti-collision sensor. In Futuro II, an additional safety feature is the child lock function. In addition, it meets ISO: 9001, 14001, 45001 standards and comes with a longer, up to 5-year warranty, adds Agnieszka Sobocińska.

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