House drainage - from the garage to the roof

Professional home drainage with KESSEL.

Effective drainage is one of the most important elements of home protection. A wide range of drainage systems is presented by the company KESSEL Sp. z o.o..

Garage area and parking

Although the garage is not a place associated with water consumption, it is definitely worth installing a drainage system here, both rainwater and, for example, oil. This will allow you to keep the room clean. Commonly used here are drains made of plastic or gray cast iron, an alternative to which is the innovative Ecoguss material with the characteristics of metal, but corrosion-free and non-conductive. Resistant to high temperatures and aggressive wastewater, it is also ideal for public facilities.

Wpust obiektowy

Ecoguss object drain


Ecoguss plastic g ullies are also available in a version designed for parking lot development - high resistance (they can withstand the pressure of vehicles weighing up to 12.5 tons), as well as the possibility of installing a Fire-Kit fire protection insert, make them a tailor-made solution for all needs.

Wpust parkingowy

Ecoguss parking lot drain


Basement area

Modern basements are no longer dark and dusty storerooms for unnecessary things. They are increasingly being arranged as laundry rooms, bathrooms, game rooms or technical rooms that house infrastructure important for the operation of the house (such as a boiler room with a furnace). Since they are located below ground level, they are thus vulnerable to flooding associated with, among other things, the occurrence of backflow. In order to effectively protect against this, it is necessary to install an anti-flooding device that is properly selected for the building situation.

Zawór przeciwzalewowy

Staufix anti-flood valve


Pumpfix F is the only anti-flooding valve on the market that pumps black sewage in the direction opposite to the backflow, which protects against the effects of "sewer backflow", i.e. flooding. During normal flow, sewage drains continuously, but when backflow occurs, the pushing water closes the flap, preventing sewage from entering the house. The SPZ 1000 pump is also activated, which automatically grinds and pumps the domestic wastewater into the general sewage system. The product is available in versions for free-duct installation and for installation in a floor slab. An electronic control device with a self-diagnosis system monitors its current operating status.

Zawór przeciwzalewowy
z pompą Pumpfix F

Pumpfix F anti-flooding valve with pump.


The Staufix FKA automatic anti-flooding valve also comes with a Comfort control device that indicates and monitors the status of the device in real time. The valve is suitable for black sewage and has two open flaps that allow gravity drainage. In the event of a backflow, the flaps automatically close, and once the backflow has stopped, they open again. Staufix FKA can be built into the floor or installed on a free sewer line.
For larger facilities, to protect the building from flooding, consider installing an anti-flooding manhole. It can be equipped and also optionally re-equipped with any anti-flooding valve, such as Staufix FKA, Staufix SWA or Pumpfix F. Anti-flooding manholes with Controlfix bodies can also serve as collectors.

przeciwzalewowa z zaworem

Anti-flooding sump with valve


Another technical solution to ensure the proper functioning of our house are pumping stations. We use them in lower-lying places from which sewage cannot be drained by gravity. We divide pumping stations into indoor (installation in the building) and outdoor (installation in the ground) and the type of purpose - for black and gray sewage.
For indoor use, the small pumping stations of the Minilift series will work well. They feature a compact design and easy maintenance. Minilift F is a grinding device equipped with the SharkTwister mechanism, which effectively shreds all large debris in wastewater. Minilift F is available as a free-standing version or for installation in the floor. If we are dealing with gray wastewater, the Minilift S pumping station, which comes with a cover with a drain function (black or to be filled with tiles), will suffice.

Przepompownia Minilift

Minilift S pumping station


More powerful and powerful pumping stations are the pumping stations of the Aqualift F series, available as free-standing, for installation in floor slabs and watertight concrete. They safely discharge black and gray wastewater above the flood level, and their operation is controlled by Comfort control units with the SDS self-diagnosis system. Aqualift F Compact pumping stations are equipped with SPZ 1000-S3 pumps, which ensures maximum safety and efficient discharge of wastewater into the sewer. For outdoor use, on the other hand, the Aqualift XL pumping station will prove its worth. It is suitable for pumping large volumes of wastewater, and a wide selection of manhole modules and sumps, allows you to adjust the installation from individual conditions in the building. There are two types of settings: dry or wet, allowing the pumping station's operation to be tailored to the relevant needs.

Przepompownia Aqualift
F Compact

Aqualift F Compact pumping station


The Pumpfix S basement drain, on the other hand, is equipped with a pump that starts automatically when backflow is detected and prevents incoming sewage from flooding the interior of the house, pumping it in the direction opposite to the backflow. The unit can be built into the floor, the socket is optionally suitable for tile filling, and maintenance is possible without tools.

przeciwzalewowe Pumpfix S

Pumpfix S anti-flooding device


Bathroom area

The bathroom is the room most exposed to water, so special attention must be paid here to its effective drainage. Bathroom drains should be safe, easy to maintain and clean, as well as aesthetically pleasing. In this zone of the house we distinguish between several types of drains, these are: linear drains, wall drains and floor drains.

Linearis Infinity linear drain is a product that currently meets the highest standards of quality, design and safety. There is a choice of as many as five different color variants of covers - polished or brushed steel, bronze, copper or black - which allows the drain to be comprehensively matched to the design of the bathroom interior. The use of V4A-grade stainless steel ensures high resistance to corrosion and cleaning agents, which guarantees the drain's pristine appearance for many years.
Linearis Infinity
can be freely connected with each other not only in a straight line, but also in as many as three ranges of angles (30°, 45° and 90°), and the guide can even run right next to the wall. An additional advantage is the Megastop siphon, supplied as an option or as a set with a strainer. It provides a two-level protection - after the water seal dries, it functions as a dry trap. This helps ensure extremely effective protection against odors and foam.
Linearis Infinity is available in lengths: 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1400, 1600 mm, and the minimum installation height is 60 mm or 90 mm.

Odpływ prysznicowy
Linearis Infinity

Linearis Infinity shower drain


The Linearis Compact linear drain combines elegant design with user comfort. It uses a double-sided cover made of V2A stainless steel (with the option of filling with tiles), which guarantees many years of durability. It comes in a variant with a water trap and a dry trap (Multistop).The low installation height (only 80 mm, counting to the flange - 65 mm) makes Linearis Compact also ideal for renovated bathrooms. The included waterproofing mat meets the highest requirements in accordance with waterproofing class W3. Linearis Compact is available in lengths ranging from 300 mm to 1150 mm .

Odpływ prysznicowy
Linearis Compact

Linearis Compact shower drain


Scada wall drain is a completely new trend in space design. Thoughtful technology, expressive design and flexible installation in one. The technical refinement here harmonizes with the minimalist form, which can be enhanced with optional LED backlighting (various color modes) that creates a unique atmosphere in a modern and intelligent bathroom. Drains of the Scada series are mounted in the wall, so the floor on the floor is flat and free of any thresholds.
Available variants of V2A stainless steel covers: to be filled with tile, straight (optionally in black), profiled Wave.

Odpływ ścienny Scada
z oświetleniem LED

Scada wall drain with LED lighting


Ultraflat is the lowest floor drain on the market; it comes in two variants - Ultraflat 54 (the number indicates the distance to the top edge of the flange) with a minimum installation height of 63 mm and Ultraflat 79 with a minimum installation height of 88 mm. It provides high acoustic protection (12 dB) in accordance with DIN 4109, and in addition, the Lock & Lift system used makes it possible to remove the cover quickly. The Ultraflat drain can be equipped with a Multistop or Megastop dry trap (a mechanical water-locked trap that can also serve as an anti-flooding protection). The cowl is designed to be combined with stainless steel grilles from the Design series, which come in six different designs.

Wpust łazienkowy
Ultraflat z kratką z serii Design Oval

Ultraflat bathroom drain with grating from the Design Oval series.


TheUltraflat drain attachment is designed to be combined with stainless steel grilles from the Design series, which come in a variety of designs.

Kratki łazienkowe ze
stali nierdzewnej z serii Design: Spot, Oval, Slot, Szczelinowa i do wypełnienia płytką

Stainless steel bathroom grilles from the Design series: Spot, Oval, Slot, Slot and for filling with tile.


Kitchen area

Both for kitchens in small establishments and those of large-scale units, separators for grease, light liquids, suspended solids or starch are required. If it is possible, they should be connected to the sewer system in such a way that the wastewater can flow freely. If this is not possible, an automatic pumping station should be installed downstream of the separator. Separators should also be emptied regularly to maintain proper operation of the device - the same applies to their regular cleaning. For fat separation, especially in catering establishments, EasyClean separators will come in handy. They are available in three installation variants - Free for free installation, Modular for small areas and Ground for ground installation. This device takes advantage of the difference in densities between the different liquids - the grease layer floats on the surface of the water, while the solid suspended solids sink to the bottom of the tank. The optionally installed SonicControl measuring device has a built-in ultrasonic sensor, which measures the temperature and thickness of the grease layer extremely accurately. The separator is made of polyethylene, which ensures high durability and protection against aggressive fatty acids.

Separator tłuszczu
EasyClean ground (wersja do zabudowy w ziemi)

EasyClean ground grease separator (recessed version).


For separation and removal of light liquids there is the EasyOil separator. It will prove useful wherever there is contamination of wastewater with mineral oils or biofuels. In turn, to effectively separate starch, it is worth using the EasyStarch separator.
When equipping larger catering establishments, floor drains, drains and stainless steel gutter tubs will also be an indispensable element for effective drainage of the resulting wastewater from floor level .

Wpusty podłogowe ze
stali nierdzewnej

Stainless steel floor drains


Roof area

To ensure effective protection of your roof from rainwater, it's a good idea to use a roof drain. Ecoguss roof drains are available in single and double-sealed versions, and the heating option provides additional protection from falling and lingering snow. They can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C and feature high drainage capacity.

Wpust dachowy Ecoguss
DN70 system 200

Ecoguss roof drain DN70 system 200


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