Garden furniture

In the summer season, even if you do not plan to go far away, you want to spend as much time as possible close to nature. Terraces, balconies, gardens and allotments - these are the places you start preparing for the season already in spring. The first warm months are the perfect time to buy garden furniture. It's also the last call to refresh tables and chairs, protected from the cold in autumn. Good quality furniture, stored properly, will make outdoor recreation more enjoyable for many seasons to come.

Garden and patio table


Eating outdoors is a privilege of the summer months. Even a small balcony will accommodate a small table where you can enjoy your morning coffee. A small space forces some limitations: a balcony table will be about the diameter of a coffee table and will accommodate an intimate group of two or three people. The balcony is an excellent place to use wooden pallets - they can be used to construct a table and seats, and even decorative shelves for flowers.

Extensive terraces and gardens offer completely different possibilities. Here you can afford a large table or a folding model that can easily accommodate all the revelers. A garden table made of durable and versatile wood looks great against a background of luscious greenery. Remember to properly protect it from moisture and never place it directly on bare ground. You can easily match a table made of stainless steel or aluminum to modernly arranged spaces. Choose models with an anti-corrosion coating to avoid rust appearing under the influence of rain.

Which table will work better in the garden: round or rectangular? Here it is worth taking into account several factors. The round or oval shape of the table will be safer for small children, but with a rectangular top it is easier to place a bench or sofa.

How to choose garden chairs?


Should garden chairs be perfectly matched to a table? Not necessarily. A uniform set of garden furniture always looks elegant, but in many cases it is insufficient. Any chair, made of weather-resistant material: wood, technorattan, stainless steel, or even decent plastic, will work well in a garden setting. With a large number of chairs, an important criterion will be their size and ability to be folded or stacked.

If, however, you go for comfort and convenience, you can opt for modern upholstered furniture, suitable for outdoor conditions. Stylish sofas, couches and even corner sofas with minimalist forms are definitely superior in comfort to classic garden chairs.


Remember that seating in the garden can also be used for sunbathing, relaxing with a good book, or even playing. In addition to typical chairs, it is worth getting poufs, loungers, a hanging chair, and if the conditions are right - also a hammock.

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