Hammock for the garden. How to choose the best one?

09 of April '24
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  1. A hammock is a type of lounger or net that is suspended between two points.
  2. You can choose from diffrent types of hammocks which include: the traditional hammock, Brazilian hammock, Amazon hammock, garden hammock, hammock with a mosquito net or with a stand.
  3. A garden hammock can be made of cotton, polyester, nylon, plastic or fabric blends.
  4. A hammock can be good for the spine, as long as it is properly positioned and used.
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On warm days there is nothing more relaxing than a lazy afternoon spent outdoors. At such moments you need a garden hammock. How to choose one? Check out our tips!

Odpowiednio używany hamak może być korzystny dla zdrowia

When used properly, a hammock can be beneficial to your health

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PdD Guide

Hammock – what is it?

hammock is a type of lounger or net that is suspended between two points, such as trees or poles. It can be made of different materials, such as fabric, rope or net. Hammocks are often used for relaxation and rest, especially outdoors, such as in gardens, beaches or campgrounds. Their gentle swaying motion can be very soothing and relaxing.

Pamiętaj, aby wybrać hamak w odpowiednim rozmiarze

Remember to choose a hammock in the right size

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Types of hammocks

Traditional hammock

This is a classic hammock consisting of fabric or netting suspended between two points, such as trees or poles.

Garden hammock

A hammock designed for outdoor use, usually in the garden, on a terrace or patio. It is usually larger and more sturdy than hammocks designed for indoor use. Garden hammocks can be made from a variety of materials, such as cotton, polyester or even waterproof materials, so they can withstand harsh weather conditions. Garden hammocks are popular for their convenience and for allowing you to relax outdoors.

Brazilian hammock

Made of densely woven cotton. It is characterized by a wide stretch and a flat shape. Brazilian hammocks tend to float slightly above the ground, unlike traditional Amazon hammocks, which are more narrow and form a cocoon. The Brazilian hammock is popular for its comfort and durability.

Amazonian hammock

Traditionally used by indigenous Amazonians, this type of hammock has a narrow, curved design that forms a cocoon.

Hammock with mosquito net

This is a type of hammock equipped with a mesh or fabric cover that protects against insects such as mosquitoes and flies. Mosquito nets are usually attached to the hammock with zippers or webbing, creating a protective space inside the hammock. In addition, mosquito nets are usually made of well-ventilated materials to ensure good airflow. This is especially important in high temperatures.

Hammock with a stand

This is a type of hammock that does not require suspension between two points, such as trees or poles. Instead, this hammock is mounted on a specially designed stand that holds it in the right position for relaxation and rest. The stand can be made of metal, wood or other weather-resistant material. Hammocks with a stand are popular amongs people who do not have suitable points for hanging a hammock, for example, in small gardens or on balconies where there are no trees. They are easy to assemble and move, making them a convenient choice for outdoor use.

How to choose a hammock for the garden?

Here are some tips that can help you choose the right hammock.

Choose a hammock that is the right size to provide enough space for comfortable sleeping or resting. If you intend to use a hammock with another person, make sure to choose a hammock large enough to have room for two people. Hammocks can be made of different materials, such as cotton, polyester, nylon or fabric blends. Consider which material will be most comfortable and durable, taking into account the weather conditions in which you will use the hammock. If you plan to use the hammock outdoors, make sure you have the right hanging points. For hammocks with a stand, check its stability and durability. If you plan to use the hammock in areas where insects may be a nuisance, consider buying a hammock with a mosquito net. Other features, such as pockets for small items or a waterproof coating, may also be useful depending on your needs. Check if the hammock provides adequate support for your body and if you can stretch comfortably in it. Also make sure that the hammock's material is pleasant to the skin and does not cause irritation.

Hamak powinien zapewniać odpowiednie wsparcie dla kręgosłupa

The hammock should provide adequate support for your spine

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What material should you choose for a garden hammock?


Cotton hammocks are soft, breathable and pleasant to the skin. They provide a comfortable night's sleep and are good in high temperatures. However, cotton may shrink after contact with water and require more frequent washing and care.


Polyester fabrics are durable, fade-resistant and easy to clean. Polyester hammocks are weatherproof and can be used outdoors for extended periods of time. However, this material is less pleasant to the touch.


Nylon hammocks are lightweight, durable and dry quickly. They are ideal for outdoor use because they are resistant to moisture and do not crumple easily. However, it is worth keeping in mind that they are not as soft as cotton and can be less pleasant on the skin.

Material blends

Some hammocks are made of a blend of different materials that combine the advantages of several fabrics. For example, hammocks made from a polyester-cotton blend can combine the softness of cotton with the durability of polyester.

Plastic hammocks

In recent years, hammocks made of plastic fabrics such as polypropylene cords, have become popular. They are durable, quick-drying and easy to clean, but can be less pleasant on the skin than cotton.

Delikatny ruch kołysania pomaga się zrelaksować

The gentle rocking motion helps you relax

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Is a hammock healthy for the spine?

A hammock can be good for the spine, as long as it is properly positioned and used. When lying in a hammock, the body is usually in a horizontal position, which can help relax back muscles and reduce tension. However, if the hammock is hung too low or improperly positioned, it can lead to an incorrect body position and potential tension in the spine. It is also important that the hammock provides adequate support for the spine. Some people may experience discomfort if the hammock is too loose or does not provide enough support for the back. When choosing a hammock, it is worth paying attention to its design and material to ensure that it provides adequate stability and support for the spine. Prolonged use of a hammock can lead to excessive strain on the spine if there is inadequate support or positioning. Therefore, it is recommended to vary the position and take regular short breaks from lying in the hammock to avoid possible back problems.

Hamak może być wykonany z bawełny, poliestru, nylonu, tworzyw sztucznych lub mieszanek tkanin

A hammock can be made of cotton, polyester, nylon, plastic or fabric blends

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How to choose the length of a hammock according to your height?

Choosing the right length of hammock for your height is crucial to ensure comfort and safety during use. As a general rule of thumb, the length of the hammock should be 2 or 3 times bigger than your height. For example, if you are 180 centimeters tall, a hammock of about 360 centimeters should be appropriate. If possible, test different hammock lengths before making a purchase. Try lying down in the hammock and see if it's comfortable and if you have enough room to stretch out. In addition to the length of the hammock, it's also a good idea to look at the overall length, including the cords/suspenders on both sides. Make sure you have enough space to hang the hammock securely between the two points. Keep in mind that some hammock materials can stretch under the weight of the user.

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