Modern garden furniture CCLOFT OUTDOOR COLLECTION - expand your living space!

CCLOFT is a Polish brand that produces upholstered, garden - outdoor furniture and decor in loft and industrial styles. "We are looking for minimalist forms that bring cleanliness and transparency to an interior, while giving it elegance and chic. The simple combination of steel, natural wood and fabrics gives us an extraordinary product and a wow effect."

The products will work well in apartments, houses, residences, as well as in gardens, terraces, balconies and public facilities. All items are handmade using the latest laser and CNC techniques, and the process of creating one piece of furniture involves a group of professional craftsmen and professionals with over 20 years of experience.

The latest CCLOFT - OUTDOOR COLLECTION is garden furniture that can stand outside all year round, regardless of the season and weather, all thanks to the use of the latest technology. Of course, the furniture is also suitable for interiors, public facilities and even luxury yachts. Special production technology makes them weatherproof. After the rain, all you need is a moment to wipe the furniture dry, wait a while while the sun finishes the job for you, and you can sit back and relax comfortably.

GOZO COLLECTION Modułowa kolekcja GOZO jest przykładem prostej, ale ciekawej formy

GOZO COLLECTION The GOZO modular collection is an example of simple but interesting form


The highly durable fabrics used in the production are stain-resistant, fade-resistant and resistant to heat and cold. The latest laser and CNC technologies used during production make the furniture suitable for keeping outdoors, and you can move your dream living room to the garden.

The use of fabrics used in the production of luxury yachts, special sealed seams, properly impregnated structures and laser perforations make the furniture meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Each element of the collection is equipped with a cover, which will further protect your furniture from rain, snow and dust when you are not using it.

The modular elements of the collection give you many possibilities for arranging your dream resting place - they can be configured into small and compact sets, as well as arrangements of huge size. We are limited only by our imagination. Therefore, enlarge your living space!

PORTO COLLECTION Elementy kolekcji PORTO sprawią, że zaaranżujesz mebel do każdego tarasu, balkonu, patio,ogrodu...

PORTO COLLECTION Elements of the PORTO collection will make you arrange a piece of furniture for any terrace, balcony, patio,garden....


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