Protection of wood


The charm of traditional wood is hard to resist. Wooden terraces, garden furniture, facades and numerous elements of small garden architecture are extremely popular despite the wide range of modern building materials. Surrounding oneself with natural wood gives a sense of security and comfort, but at the same time requires effort in regular maintenance. Special protection should be given to garden wood, which is exposed to the harmful atmospheric factors of the Polish climate.

Preparations for protection and impregnation of wood


A wide range of preparations designed to protect wood creates the opportunity to choose a product tailored to your preferences. If you care about ecology, reach for an oil or water-based impregnator. However, if your priority is convenience, opt for a product that gives long-lasting durability.

Oils for impregnating garden wood are natural substances that penetrate deep into its structure. The result is effective protection of the terrace and small garden architecture against cavities, rot, mold, cracking and rotting. However, the oiling of wooden elements should be repeated regularly, as it is an impregnant that is quite easily washed out by water.

Slightly different is the effect of wood varnish, which creates a delicate, hydrophobic coating on the impregnated surface. Transparent or semi-transparent varnishes with different finishes are available on the market: matte, semi-matte, satin and high-gloss.

A varnish protects wood to a slightly lesser degree than a durable and hard varnish, but it perfectly emphasizes its natural grain. Under this agent, it is worthwhile to apply an additional impregnating agent, which will strengthen the surface of the wood and improve its durability.

When should wood be impregnated?


The application of any wood treatment requires careful reading of the manufacturer's recommendations. Varnish provides effective protection and a beautiful appearance of wood facades for 3-4 years. After this time, protective activities should be repeated. The frequency of application of varnish depends on the weather conditions that affect wooden elements every day. Reliable staining can last for 2-3 years, but it is worth keeping a close eye on the condition of the protected surface. Oiling is an activity that you need to perform once or twice a year. You will get the best results by using oil every time you protect your garden wood in the spring and before the winter season.

Wood protection - useful accessories


Whether you want to protect the surface of your terrace table or are preparing to maintain your summer house, it's a good idea to stock up on the necessary accessories. What will definitely come in handy? You will clean and degrease the surface with water, gray soap and extraction gasoline. Then it is worth reaching for sandpaper with a grain size of 120-150. Impregnating preparations can be applied with paint brushes, but also with a roller or sponge. Larger areas may require a spray method.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned tools, it is worth arming yourself with accuracy and patience. The process of self-impregnation requires extreme care and the application of several layers of the chosen preparation.


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