Ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware for your home

Wall and floor tiles bring modern innovations in technical areas and come in a wide range of models. With creativity and digital optical technology, the amazing can be achieved. Questions, colors and sizes are detailed and focus on the aesthetic requirements of modern design.

One does not equal the other

If you've never had to deal with choosing the right tiles before and have never explored the subject, the sheer number of tile types can be surprising. In addition to material, size and style, tiles also vary depending on what room we will be laying them in. Some types of tiles, such as marble, are great for creating a luxurious kitchen countertop or cladding a bathtub, while others, such as slate, work better in high-traffic areas.

Practical solution

Additionally, tiles are a very functional finishing element. Depending on the properties and material, they can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. We can use them practically anywhere; on floors, fireplaces, in garages, boiler rooms, hallways and to finish stairs. There's a reason why we most often see tiles in places where some liquids happen to spill. We're talking about kitchens and tiles placed on the floor, but also around the kitchen countertop. Another room is the bathroom, which is tiled with it from the floor to the ceiling because of its easy-to-maintain and clean material. Large-format tiles are a very favorable solution for the bathroom, and on top of that they look extremely elegant and modern.

Ceramic works of art

Today's walls and floors act as a canvas for contemporary art. Every bit of our arrangement, if properly designed, can become a piece of artistry. More and more sophisticated designs are appearing on the market, which in arrangements are already placed not only on floors, but also on walls. Among the collections of various designers, we can find those that are inspired by fashion and new trends or on the contrary - they refer to tradition and antique patterns. The possibilities are endless!

In the Tiles and Porcelain Tiles of the Home Products portal we will present different types of tiles and suggest what to consider before buying.