GIGAntic tiles from German brand Interbau Blink

Large-format tiles are increasingly being chosen as a finishing element for walls and floors. They not only look impressive and modern, but also optically increase the space. For several years, the collection of large-format stoneware tiles Giga-Line, produced by the German company Interbau Blink, has become increasingly popular.

Their company offers tiles in 1200×600, 1200×1200, 2600×1200 formats, and their thickness is only 6 mm. Large-format stoneware tiles are frost-resistant, won't crack and are easy to keep clean. They will work well both at home and in office spaces.

Cleveland – Vintage White

Cleveland - Vintage White

© Hermann

Giga-Line collection features inspiring motifs for the home and office

Giga-Line tiles can also serve as a tool for creating the character of interior design. You can find solutions inspired by both industrial, modern and minimalist styles. Each series of tiles from the Giga-Line collection has its own unique character.

Detroit – Copper Brown

Detroit - Copper Brown

© Hermann

The Detroit series is inspired by the industrial style. The collection catches the eye with colors imitating metals, such as Copper Brown, Nickel White, Iron Black and Steel Grey. Particularly impressive are tiles likened to corten, a copper sheet that gives an extravagant style to architecture.

Columbia – White Cream

Columbia - White Cream

© Hermann

Concrete currently plays an important function in architecture. Tiles imitating concrete in the Columbia collection are available in typical grays, as well as in warm beige tones and raw graphite. The Columbia tile series is expanded to include an 800×800 mm format. The use of a modular system allows tiles of different sizes to be put together to create a consistent and aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Cleveland – New Black

Cleveland - New Black

© Hermann

Meanwhile, the "Shabby chic" style is a moody alternative for those who are not attracted to the coolness and modernity of the minimalist style. Inspired by this trend, the Cleveland collection fully captures the character of aged elegance. The term "Shabby Chic" also means painting one object with several layers of paint in order to obtain streaks and clearances. These create a feeling of aesthetic imperfection.

Płytki wielkoformatowe niemieckiej marki Interbau Blink

GIGA-Line collection

© Hermann

The GIGA-Line collection is ideal for lovers of classic arrangements who want to decorate their interior in a unique style. Large-format tiles are a solution that combines the latest trends and a wide range of applications. Large formats combined with a small amount of grout make the overall surface more modern and elegant. On the Polish market, the tiles are sold by the official distributor - Hermann Sp. J. company.

For more information, visit the company's HERMANN page on the PdD portal.