Seven inspirations for fireplace encased in tiles

12 of December '23

Stoneware tiles are durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean and can withstand temperature fluctuations. This makes them a great choice for a fireplace facing. What's more, thanks to the huge selection of sizes, finishes and textures, we can make the fireplace subtly blend into the arrangement or, on the contrary, become a prominent element of it. So, how to make the fireplace the main point of the house? Here are seven ideas using tiles.

Universal classics

Lovers of simple, clean forms should pay attention to classic tiles. Such cladding will work especially well in modern interiors. With the help of tiles you can highlight the fireplace or blend it into the wall. Smooth, minimalist tiles are also easy to clean. As a result, you don't have to worry about ash or soot that can get on the fireplace facing.

Minimalistyczna obudowa kominka nada przestrzeni nowoczesnego charakteru

A minimalist fireplace facing will add a modern touch to a space

© Bozza

In a retro style

Brick-like tiles will work well on the wall with the fireplace. We associate such tiles with the 1970s, so they will be an ideal choice for vintage-style interiors. The undoubted advantage of such bricks is that they can be arranged in various ways - vertically, diagonally or in mixed patterns. Thanks to their compact size, they unleash creativity and allow you to create an unlimited number of compositions. The glazed, slightly uneven surface will intensify the effect of a flickering fire and emphasize the atmosphere of the interior.

Płytki przypominające cegiełki stworzą klimat retro

Tiles resembling bricks will create a retro atmosphere

© Bozza

Still fashionable concrete

Concrete remains one of the most popular decorative materials. However, it will not work well in all interiors. Fortunately, there are tiles imitating it available on the market. They are characterized by small spots of uneven color. We can choose those in small or large sizes. The combination of the pleasant warmth of the fireplace with shades of concrete will bring a modern character to the interior. Such tiles will also work well in arrangements with a minimalist and Scandinavian style.

Płytki imitujące beton wpisują się w trendy

Tiles imitating concrete are on trend

© Bozza

Wood also on the outside

To warm up a room, wood-like tiles are ideal. Such tiles reproduce the natural beauty of wood. Their highlighted veining, streaky shades and delicate texture are deceptively reminiscent of real boards. In addition, such a cladding combines aesthetic qualities with the high performance properties of porcelain stoneware, creating a cozy and homely space.

Płytki drewnopodobne podkreślą przytulny charakter aranżacji

Wood-like tiles will emphasize the cozy character of the arrangement

© Bozza

A touch of luxury

A wall with a large hearth will be enlivened by marble-effect tiles. The classic veining brings to mind the noble material used by great sculptors. Porcelain tiles can be its almost perfect replica. Thus, the arrangement can combine innovation with reference to the past and tradition. Such a timeless finish will fit into interiors of many styles.

Uniwersalny marmur sprawdzi się w wielu aranżacjach

The versatile marble will work well in many arrangements

© Bozza

On both sides

A modern, double-sided fireplace will work perfectly as a piece of partition wall, which will delineate two separate zones of the living room. Visible from both sides, it will be an extremely original decoration of the apartment. For this purpose, choose decorative tiles that will emphasize the shape of the fireplace, creating an interesting visual effect.

Dwustronny kominek może pomóc w wydzieleniu stref w pomieszczeniu

A double-sided fireplace can help separate the zones in the room

© Bozza

Three-sided fireplace

Open on three sides, the fireplace will be the centerpiece of any interior. Its perfectly exposed hearth does not require an exaggerated setting. For its covering, all kinds of tiles with delicate patterns, for example, imitating wood with bleached shades, will work well. They fit into any style of interior, introducing elegant and sophisticated accents.

Trójstronny kominek stanie się punktem centralnym aranżacji

A three-sided fireplace will become the focal point of the arrangement

© Bozza

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