High-quality fireplace inserts for the discerning. Quality and design from Hoxter

Fireplace inserts - artisanal quality, innovative design

During the 12 years of its existence, the HOXTER a.s. company has managed to quickly build a strong position among the leading manufacturers of high-quality fireplace inserts. Hoxter's philosophy and products are embodied in our motto: "We don't want to be the biggest manufacturer, but the best" - with the main focus on quality and design.

HAKA 89/72h – Helsinki/ Finland

HAKA 89/72h - Helsinki / Finland and ECKA 90/40/40 - Grafenau / Germany


Quality without compromise - durable products for the conscious investor

Hoxter is headquartered near Brno, where all product development, production and assembly takes place in a production and warehouse complex. Exports to 30 countries around the world are also organized here. Hoxter also has a subsidiary in Germany, near Nuremberg. The key markets for Hoxter are the German-speaking countries, where customers traditionally place the greatest emphasis on uncompromising workmanship, timeless design and excellent functionality. All products are tested over a long period of time before being introduced to the market, ready for demanding and long-term use. Technical sophistication, thoughtful design and easy operation are the hallmarks of all Hoxter products.

Wkłady kominkowe HOXTER - zindywidualizowany design

HOXTER fireplace inserts - individualized design


Individual approach to each customer

The customer can therefore enjoy easy use, long-lasting, clean and efficient combustion, and clean glass and large glazing. Since each fireplace insert is unique, Hoxterallows a high degree of individualization of the fireplace insert. The chamotte lining of the fireplace insert comes in light and black versions, where the chamotte is fully colored and thus color stable.

ECKA 90/40/40h – Tubingen /

ECKA 90/40/40h - Tubingen / Germany


Design of Hoxter fireplace inserts - premium materials

Thestandard design of the type controls, handles, grips or air supply regulator is made of brushed stainless steel in several visual variations. An alternative is the black design of these elements, in which the stainless steel surface is coated with a special black Teflon paint with a matte finish. As a premium manufacturer, Hoxter uses only the highest quality materials available from reliable suppliers.

The fireplace insert bodies and door frames are made of highly durable heat-resistant boiler steel. The special Senotherm paint is the top among surface materials for use at high temperatures. All glazing is equipped with special ceramic-based glass from German company SCHOTT, and a double-glazed variant is also available.

The stove is lined with elements made of chamotte - a material fired at temperatures above 1100°C. Hoxter does not compromise on the materials used.

UKA 69/48/69/51 –
Kirchardt / Germany

UKA 69/48/69/51 - Kirchardt / Germany


Hoxter comprehensive services - consulting and installation

Hoxter realizes that in addition to a very good fireplace insert, expert installation is equally important for the successful operation of a fireplace. That's why Hoxter works only with specialized installation companies thatprovide full service and advice before construction begins, and then perform high-quality installation.

Wkłady kominkowe -
doradztwo i profesjonalny montaż

Fireplace inserts - consulting and professional installation


Hoxter fireplace inserts in compliance with present and future econorms

The company's products comply with the latest emission standards. All Hoxter models already meet the EKODESIGN standard, which is only effective from 2022.

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