Design inspired by fashion - new collections by Maciej Zień for Tubądzin Ceramics

Maciej Zień 's latest collections - Sophisticated, Boho, Timeless and Funky - focus on the most important trends from the world of fashion and interiors. These are diverse and highly decorative proposals, in which we find a combination of natural materials with interesting patterns, geometric forms and surprising structures. The rich color palette ranges from classic white, through muted beiges, grays and browns, to strong color accents and beautifully shimmering gold.


Sophisticated collection

© Tubądzin Ceramics

Sophisticated is distinguished by chic stone patterns and motifs taken from art déco. It is a collection inspired by the world of Parisian nonchalance, refined style and stunning architecture. Elegant marble appears in two versions - white combined with delicate gray, and black with an addition of green veining. The whole creates an effect of unforced and unostentatious luxury.

Kolekcja Boho

Boho collection

© Tubądzin Ceramics

Boho is characterized by ethnic motifs, references to natural materials and lightness of arrangement. It is a collection that is associated with freedom and artistic freedom. The multitude of patterns and textures gives space to create a variety of compositions. This is a way to create an interior close to nature, set in calm earth tones and with a delicate hint of the orient.

Kolekcja Timeless

Timeless collection

© Tubądzin Ceramics

Timeless captures the essence of timeless British design - perfect cut, highest quality materials and perfect chic. The subtle stone drawing was juxtaposed with universal colors - white, black and a soft shade of tea with milk, creating a classically elegant and harmonious interior in a modern style.

Kolekcja Funky

Funky collection

© Tubądzin Ceramics

Funky takes you to interiors inspired by the design of the 1970s. It's a mix of intense colors, geometric patterns and trendy terazzo, which appears in a multicolored, expressive version. In addition to white, you'll find shades of blue, green and pink, which will allow you to create an interior vibrant with life and bring back memories of joyful, casual fun.

Maciej Zień has been working with Tubądzin Ceramics for 12 years, setting new trends and creating tile collections with intriguing designs, bold forms and rich decoration. The new creations in the 33×90 cm format were created based on the knowledge and experience of the TU_Kolektyw team - architects, designers and technologists of the Tubądzin Group, people connected with both classical, applied design and industrial design and architecture.

For more information, visit the company's Tubądzin Management Group page at PdD.

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