The roof is not only supposed to look good, but is one of the most essential elements of a building. It is supposed to protect the structure from bad weather conditions and ensure the safety of its users.

What kind of roof to choose?

The rich variety on the market makes choosing a roof an extremely important decision. After all, it has to protect the entire structure and be extremely durable. Therefore, due to the climate in which our country is located, pitched roofs prevail, from which water can be easily drained.

However, how to solve the problem of rainwater drainage, at the time when we like the construction more flat roof, or other flat surfaces, such as terraces. Thanks to the latest technological and construction solutions, the construction of a flat roof, its waterproofing or drainage is no longer a problem. Everything depends on the creativity of the architect, as modern solutions guarantee excellent results.

what is a retention roof?

High rainfall sometimes causes municipal sewers and rainwater drainage systems to become overloaded, resulting in flooding of sidewalks and streets.
The perfect solution is modern retention roofs. They are not only beautiful green gardens that adorn urban spaces, but also excellent retention systems that slow down rainwater runoff.

What to build a roof with?

The construction of the roof and its covering is not everything. Its components are to ensure the tightness of the roof, as well as its stability and safety. That is why the materials from which it will be built are so important.

insulation films counteract moisture and wick away water vapor. However, the excellent thermal insulation can be achieved by using a unique cellular glass solution.

Wanting to ensure the highest level of safety, already at the design level, we should take into account such solutions. This is an extremely important element, especially in public buildings, in which crowds pass through on a daily basis. In such a case, providing an effective a smoke extraction system is essential.

As you can see, building the right roof is an analysis of many factors to ensure safety and stability. The development of technology means that it can not only be very functional, but also beautiful. In essence, it is a showcase of the building, which in depth hides safety.