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Solar architecture - trend or necessity?

18 of June '24

From the series "Green solutions - trends 2024"

Green building is not just a trend, but a necessity of our time. Sustainable solutions are becoming the standard, and solar architecture plays a key role in this. In this article we will look at the latest trends for 2024 and discuss what solar architecture is and how it can change our approach to space design.

Solar architecture is an approach to building design that integrates photovoltaic technologies into a building's structural elements. The goal is to maximize the use of solar energy to generate electricity, while maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of the building.

Key elements of solar architecture

Electrotile 's solar architecture encompasses a variety of technologies and solutions to convert solar radiation into electricity or heat. The solar architecture approach brings numerous benefits: from savings on electricity bills to increased property value and environmental protection. Among the elements of solar architecture are photovoltaic panels integrated into the elements of the house and its surroundings, solar panels, or passive systems and energy storage systems.

Electrotile: an innovative leader in solar architecture

Electrotile is a company that over the years has become synonymous with innovative solar solutions. Products is a Polish company, combine aesthetics with functionality, transforming ordinary building elements into energy sources. The company offers a wide range of products that can be used both in new buildings and in the renovation of existing structures. As a result, everyone can adapt their surroundings to meet ecological requirements and enjoy modern design at the same time.

Examples of solar architecture applications by Electrotile

  • Solar roof tiles
    Example: eTile Classic and eTile Flat. These roof tiles combine traditional design with the function of electricity production. The customer gets 2-in-1 - a solar product that is also an airtight roof.

  • Bioclimatic Pergolas
    Function: protection from the sun with simultaneous energy production. Movable laths allow regulation of light and air flow.

  • Solar carports
    Example: Addsolis solar carport

    Functions: solar carports protect from the sun/snow/rain and use solar energy at the same time.

  • Solarcarports
    Examples: Zip Pro Solar and Zip Pro Solar Color (with any RAL color for photovoltaic panel and cassette).

    Function: To protect the interior from excessive sunlight and produce electricity.

  • Solar awnings
    Example: Silvi Solar, Panarea Solar, Besano
    Function: Shielding of terraces and balconies with simultaneous energy production.

  • Solar fences
    Function: Protection of the property and energy production thanks to integrated photovoltaic panels.
    Example: Enovio eBlade, Discrete PV, Horizontal PV

  • Solar balustrades:
    Example: Enovio eRail.
    Function: protection and energy production.

  • Wall panel systems
    Example: Soffio wall heating panel system.
    Function: combines heating functions with architectural aesthetics.

Let's take a closer look at selected solutions,
to learn about the benefits of each product
solar architecture from Electrotile.

eTile Classic solar roof tiles

The eTile Classic roof tiles are a combination of traditional modular tile with modern photovoltaic technology. These tiles not only protect the building from the weather, but also generate free solar energy. They are easy to install and fit a variety of architectural styles. Their modular design allows them to easily fit almost any roof structure, making them ideal for single-family homes and public buildings.

eTile Classic

© Electrotile

eTile Flat solar roof tiles

TheeTile Flat roofing tiles are an innovative 2-in-1 solution based on seam sheets and incorporating an integrated solar panel. Thanks to its large photovoltaic coverage area, eTile Flat is exceptionally efficient at over 160 Wp/m2. Simple installation and elegant design make them an ideal choice for modern buildings. This type of tile is especially recommended for minimalist architectural designs, where every detail counts.

architektura solarna

© Electrotile

Bioclimatic solar pergolas

Bioclimatic solar pergolas use, among other things, movable lamellas on the roof (pv panels integrated into the aluminum), which allow adjustment to weather conditions and regulate the flow of light and air into the pergola. The lamellas are controlled via a smartphone app for convenience.


© Electrotile

Thesepergolas not only protect from the sun, but also allow solar energy to be collected, which can be used to power lighting or charge electronic devices. Thanks to their construction, these pergolas are resistant to rain and wind, and the very modern design is appreciated by many users.

pergola solar

© Electrotile

Solar pergolas are also a great solution for restaurants, cafes or hotels - it allows you to increase the area of your catering establishment in an aesthetically pleasing and functional way. Thanks to their modular design, pergolas can be easily expanded and fit into different locations, and their color can also be personalized.


© Electrotile

Solar carports

Solar carports from Electrotile Addsolis are a premium product that not only protects your car from the elements, but also allows you to generate energy from the sun. These are modern and functional solutions made of durable materials, resistant to various weather conditions. Carports have various configuration options including electric vehicle charging and energy storage.

carport solarny addsolis

© Electrotile

ZIP Pro Solar roller shutters

ZIP Pro Solar is an advanced window cover that not only protects the interior from excessive sunlight, but is also powered by electricity from the sun - thanks to pv panels integrated into the roller shutter cassette. This is an excellent addition to energy-efficient homes.

Zip pro solar solarbreaker electrotile

© Electrotile

These roller shutters are made of high-quality fabrics that are weatherproof and provide protection against insects. In addition, the minimalist design and remote control capability make them an aesthetically pleasing and functional element of modern buildings.

ZIP PRO SOLAR solarbreaker

© Electrotile

And here Electrotile meets yet another customer expectation - that roller shutters can be in any color - and produces ZIP Pro Solar Color, whose panel and cassette color can match perfectly.

ZIP PRO SOLAR Solar Breaker

© Electrotile

Solar awnings

Solar awnings are the perfect solution for covering terraces and balconies. They protect from the sun while producing energy at the same time. Thanks to integrated photovoltaic panels, these awnings can power outdoor lighting, awning control devices, or the energy from them can be stored. Their modern design and ease of installation make them a popular choice among homeowners.

markiza solarna panarea

© Electrotile

Solar fences and balustrades

Solar f ences are an innovative 2-in-1 solution - combining security with functionality, i.e. protection for the family and the use of solar energy.
Photovoltaic panels integrated into the fins, allow the generation of energy that can power garden lighting or other equipment.

eBLADE fence enovio

© Electrotile

The customer has a choice of many types of durable and aesthetically pleasing fence lamellas, allowing him to personalize his fence (he chooses the width of the lamellas, vertical-horizontal alignment, distances between the lamellas, power of the panels).

ogrodzenie solarne

© Electrotile

Soffio wall heating panel system

The Soffio wall panel system is an innovative solution in the field of building heating. These are aluminum rods with gas, which are powered by a water heater from below. The rods, thanks to their excellent thermal conductivity, heat up quickly and distribute heat throughout the panel. The system is fully integrated into the drywall, so there is no need to install traditional radiators. It is a much more economical and efficient solution compared to underfloor heating, as it uses much less water and has a higher rate of heat distribution.

panele grzewcze

© Electrotile

Breeze energy storage units

Breeze low-voltage energy storages are another part of a system of ecological solutions. The energy storage stores energy from photovoltaics, allowing it to be used at night or during periods of lower sunlight. Breeze batteries are made from innovative flat cells that are safe for children and pets. The system is modular, allowing for future expansion, and Polish service guarantees support at every stage of use.


© Electrotile

Benefits of solar architecture

Bottom line - green building solutions are gaining popularity, and products such as solar roof tiles, bioclimatic pergolas, solar blinds and other Electrotile solar solutions are perfect examples.
The benefits of solar architecture are many, including:

  • energy savings - producing your own electricity;
  • increase in property value - buildings equipped with solar technology are more attractive on the real estate market;
  • reduction ofCO2 emissions - using renewable energy sources reduces the carbon footprint;
  • energy independence - energy storage;
  • Aesthetics and functionality - modern technologies allow us to integrate solar solutions in a way that does not disturb the aesthetics of the building, and often enhances it.

Thanks to the above, we can not only protect the environment, but also enjoy a modern and functional home that is in line with the latest trends.

By choosing these innovative solutions, we are investing in a future that is greener and more sustainable.

For more information, visit the company's Electrotile page on the PdA portal.

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