Walls, partitions

Bearing walls form the structure of the entire building, but to divide the area into rooms, we need to use partition walls. The material from which they will be erected does not have to be as massive as in the case of load-bearing walls, but it should be just as solid and perform the right functions.

How to divide a living space?

For apartments and houses, our expectations are taken into account already at the design stage, because we know how many bedrooms we want, in which place we would like to have a living room, or how big should the kitchen be? Together with the designer, we determine the space, which is easy for us to plan, knowing our own expectations. If we like to exercise, we will want to generate some space to create our own exercise room.

The problem arises in the case when we can't predict exactly how much usable space we will need at any given time. And here with help come the latest construction solutions of partition walls. The space we manage can be divided, reducing or combining increasing its area as needed. This is an extremely useful solution, for example, in large conference rooms, in which by dividing the room, several meetings can be held simultaneously.

Modern technology makes these walls not only easy to use, but an important part of the interior finish, as well as being able to isolate the acoustics of divided areas. This is an extremely useful feature, for example, in large restaurant spaces, where several celebrations can take place at one time, separating the room.

Is it possible to soundproof an interior in an elegant way?

Interior soundproofing is a growing problem for small businesses. Gyms, dance schools, clubs, or other places where noise can be a nuisance to neighboring residents, and do not have an isolated building for their activities, need to soundproof their interiors so as not to impede others. Commercially available forms of interior soundproofing do not have to be boring. Original shapes, form and color can create unusual interiors while providing the highest level of sound acoustics.

If, on the other hand, we want to work efficiently in the comfort of our office, or create a home theater or music room in our home, modern soundproofing of our walls is already possible, and the right design will give the interior a unique character.

how to finish walls?

The current market guarantees many solutions in depending on the type, whether they are to be exterior or interior walls and what kind of character they are to have, whether they are only to fulfill a utilitarian function or also decorative? From paints, cladding, clinker tiles, or other decorative materials, it all depends only on our creativity. Because sometimes the most unconventional solutions can create exceptional interiors.