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Glass walls and doors - numerous system-compatible solutions and variants

05 of December '22

For the past ten years, we have been listening to the needs of the market when developing our proprietary glass wall and door systems. Thus, in cooperation with architects and clients, we have developed a wide portfolio of system- and visually-compatible products, used mainly in office and public spaces. They have been used in hundreds of domestic and foreign projects. Among them are some that have received prestigious international industry awards.


The technical and visual consistency of Glass System products lies at the heart of our brand philosophy. Combining different elements of the systems allows them to be used even in the most complex projects. On the other hand, a wide product portfolio gives access to numerous solutions and variants.

GPD Agency, Poznań Fot. Hanna Połczyńska

GPD Agency, Poznan Photo: Hanna Połczyńska



We place special emphasis on ensuring that our systems, while maintaining the highest aesthetic qualities, are compliant with current regulations. This applies primarily to acoustic insulation, fire safety, or mechanical strength. All Glass System products are tested in certified laboratories. We have dozens of patent claims and utility models for our solutions.


We are the only company in the industry with the status of Research and Development Center granted by the Ministry of Development of the Republic of Poland. A constantly developing internal team of designers develops and certifies new products. We offer our partners, as the only company in the market, the opportunity to develop products specifically for a given project, in accordance with the vision of the architect or investor.

 Ryvu Therapeutics, Kraków

Ryvu Therapeutics, Krakow



We not only develop technologically advanced products, but also constantly improve them, enhancing their quality and functionality based on experience gained. The turn of 2022/23 is the moment when we introduce improved models of most types of doors in our offer. We increased the rigidity of the leaves and the durability of the solutions by modifying the designs of the door frames and introducing our own closing system. The changes made have further increased the life of the product and increased the comfort of use.

Uniwersytet Karola, Praga

Charles University, Prague


For more information, visit the company's GLASS SYSTEM S.A. page on the PdA portal.

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