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Acoustics training for Architects, support ECHO Foundation children

22 of September '22

Glass System's Research and Development Center, which creates and develops products to improve working conditions on a daily basis, invites Architects to a training course on acoustics in office spaces. The series of non-commercial trainings, in addition to providing comprehensive information on acoustics, aims to support the activities of the "Echo" Foundation for Assistance to Hearing Impaired Children. Patronage of the initiative is assumed by the Association for Better Acoustics in Buildings "Comfort of Silence".

Glass System - the national market leader in glass wall system technology for offices, with the status of Research and Development Center, subjects its products to hundreds of tests, including sound insulation. An internal team of engineers is constantly working on more solutions, and now, together with acoustician Dr. Eng. Agata Szeląg of the SzA acoustic studio and co-organizer Ecophon Poland, they want to share this knowledge.

Adequate acoustic insulation of building partitions is one of the key aspects when designing office spaces. Protection against sound transmission between rooms is particularly important in terms of employee productivity and information confidentiality. Requirements for the acoustic parameters of office spaces are also regulated by law. Therefore, it is worthwhile, already at the design stage, to look for solutions that will significantly reduce the level of unwanted noise," stresses Agata Szeląg, PhD.

The training series is aimed at Architects. Their program will cover the scope necessary for the proper design of office space from the point of view of acoustics, in accordance with current regulations. The workshops will be held in three locations in Poland. The first is already scheduled for September 29 and 30 in Warsaw. The next ones are planned in Tri-City and Wroclaw.

We are confident that participants will be able to take away a lot of practical information from the trainings. Our assumption is that they will possess a comprehensive knowledge of acoustics - from basic concepts to detailed information on parameters, standards and requirements. During the training we will also go through case studies, perform practical exercises and acoustic field tests," encourages Piotr Zembowicz, Architect Support Manager Glass System.

The training also has a social dimension. The organizers decided to support the "Echo" Foundation for Assistance to Hearing Impaired Children, which has been operating for more than 25 years, so that the architects, while participating in the workshops and expanding their knowledge, will at the same time be able to support the foundation's charges. The Association for Better Acoustics in Buildings "Comfort of Silence" has taken patronage of the initiative.

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