The bathroom, our zone of comfort and privacy. It is where we start and end the day, so this space should meet our needs and requirements in a special way, while being aesthetically pleasing to us.

white or black?

It used to be that white bathroom fixtures like bathtubs and sinks were the only right choice available on the market. Today, modern design and contemporary design are introducing color into this space, both vivid and strongly contrasting colors, as well as shades of gray, and even black. The latter especially fashionable now makes interiors look exclusive. Minimalist finishes give unique character to shower cabins, tubs, shower columns, or other bathroom accessories. Modern manufacturing technology makes it possible to create surfaces that are easy to keep clean, which are coated with antibacterial coatings.

what are modern solutions for public bathrooms?

Until recently, a public restroom was not associated with a pleasant space. Today, toilet rooms in shopping malls, train stations, fitness clubs, or other public places are often unique spaces, innovatively enhanced, where care hygiene is applied at the highest level. Buttonless toilet doors, taps, or soap dispensers ensure the highest standards of cleanliness.

how to equip a hotel bathroom?

Hotels are no longer just places to stay. Even in those with lower standards, care is taken to ensure that the hotel room is also a comfort zone for guests. Therefore, the bathroom should encourage relaxation and not cause concern that many people are using it.

High customer demands mean that manufacturers of bathroom accessories continue to improve their products. Until recently, listening to your favorite music in the shower was available only in the most expensive versions of shower enclosures, today it is becoming a standard.

An intelligent system installed in the toilet allows you to save individual settings that make using it enhance your well-being through, for example, discreet orientation lighting.

The timeless bathroom furniture design allows you to create a designer décor and unique interior that provides the best comfort.

Modern technology allows you to construct unique lines of furniture and bathroom accessories that create unconventional solutions in interior design.