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The hottest bathroom trends in a variety of formats

12 of November '22

Two new collections by Ceramika Paradyż.
From the series "Fashionable bathroom - trends 2022".

When a bathroom renovation or its arrangement from scratch is on the horizon, we look for inspiration to combine in one design what is most important: usability, timelessness and beautiful design. This is a task that seems to be from the category of those difficult, but today's multitude of proposals from manufacturers, including Polish, opens up completely new possibilities.

Therefore, it is worth looking for solutions that will combine all the most important aspects, while allowing the interior that we create to have a unique character. With help, both in terms of inspiration and solutions, comes Ceramika Paradyż and two collections that stand out for their interesting design.

The Paradyż Neve Creative line, created by the esteemed designer Maja Ganszyniec, and Paradyż My Way by Gosia Baczynska, created by the world-renowned artist. Two lines, two characters, two different approaches to design, which ultimately create a whole not only within a given collection, but at the same time allow them to be freely combined with each other.

When we bet on color

Colors in interiors are a river topic. Sometimes we choose them on impulse, sometimes we are guided by the current fashion or trends. In the end, we are bored with them and look for new solutions. The latest collection of ceramic tiles by Paradyż Neve Creative by Maja Ganszyniec is a perfect proposal for creating timeless interiors, thanks to its harmonized color palette.

Neve Creative Green

Neve Creative Green - design: Maja Ganszyniec

© Ceramika Paradyż

Experts predict that in the near future the trend will be for muted, delicate colors, which are the perfect background for other elements of the arrangement. Such a solution brings harmony and tranquility to interiors, while putting us in a positive mood.

Universal interiors

Pastels broken with stronger accents are a great recipe for an original and timeless interior. The Neve Creative collection delights with colors that relax and evoke nostalgia. They can be boldly used in various interior styles. It's also a return to nature, which we miss more and more. Flesh pink brings solace, mint green improves our mood, and the warm color of terracotta is associated with vacations in southern Europe. The name terracotta comes from Italian and translates as scorched earth. This original color cyclically returns to interiors. It was already very fashionable in the 1920s and 1930s, and then in the 1970s and 1980s. Now, setting new trends, it is returning to interiors in a big way!

Neve Creative Bianco

Neve Creative Bianco - design: Maja Ganszyniec

© Ceramika Paradyż

What to combine soft colors with

Soft colors are a timeless choice and easy to put together, so they go well with many materials. We can freely and without fear combine them with wood, whether dark, light or whitewashed. What is worth remembering when arranging? Undoubtedly, about choosing the right tones. If we introduce warm color tones, we will get a cozy atmosphere of the interior, while with the use of cool colors, the rooms will become elegant. We should also not forget about the accessories. In the case of Scandinavian, boho or eco style, instead of wooden furniture it is advisable to buy wicker or rattan furniture. With what else is it worth combining soft pastel colors? They look equally interesting in the company of brick in gray, white, beige or classic red. This combination will make the interior light and extremely cozy.

Neve Creative Blush

Neve Creative Blush - design: Maja Ganszyniec

© Ceramika Paradyż

Practical solutions

The collection Neve Creative by Maja Ganszyniec is not only unusual colors, perfectly matching the latest trends and customers' needs, but also a fascinating combination of formats, structures highlighted by light. Thanks to the use of different structural forms in part of the collection, the interior, which is lined with these tiles, looks different at any time of day or night. Depending on the lighting, the chiaroscuro changes, which affects the colors perceived by the eye. The modularity of the collection allows you to combine individual elements in any way you like, exactly as your imagination tells you, while its color scheme allows unlimited combinations of colors and patterns. Neve Creative is a solution for years, which on the one hand is kept in the latest trends, on the other is timeless.

Neve Creative Green

Neve Creative Green - design: Maja Ganszyniec

© Ceramika Paradyż

Inspired by the world of great fashion and the glitter of the early 20th century

Unobvious structures, rich embellishments, dynamic lines and a note of elegance straight out of Francis Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby. Stylistics of the early 20th century are once again returning to interiors, dictating the latest trends. The original, glittering ceramic tiles designed by Gosia Baczynska are the best example of this. Inspired by the world of great fashion, the collections delight with details that will turn our space into a real kingdom of luxury.

Fashion Spirit Black, Noisy Whisper White

Fashion Spirit Black, Noisy Whisper White - design: Gosia Baczyńska

© Paradyż Ceramics

The beginning of the 20th century was primarily a time of great changes, development and breaking patterns - both in art and architecture. The incessant search for beauty in utilitarian objects and the bold approach of the artists of that time, gave rise to many styles from which we still draw today. Among the most fashionable solutions in interior design today, we can find both elements referring to the aesthetics of art nouveau, as well as the art déco style, reigning in the 1920s. Flowing, dynamic lines, free compositions, rich ornamentation from the Art Nouveau era are intertwined with the sophistication of elegant Art Déco - a style created as a result of opposition to the lack of spatial discipline typical of Art Nouveau art. This is perfectly evident in the collections of ceramic tiles designed by Gosia Baczynska for Ceramika Paradyż.

Bold sparkle

The Noisy Whisper collection is an interesting interpretation of the glitter typical of the glamorous art of the early part of the last century. It features sequin-inspired elements, as if from an evening gown. The three-dimensional structure of the tiles, created with attention to the smallest details, faithfully reproduces the shimmering fabric.

The tiles will be perfect as a fashionable decorative element on the wall in the most representative parts of the house, for example, by the fireplace. Elements of the collection in gold and bronze, will suit almost any interior, spreading a stylish glow in it.

Noisy Whisper Brown

Noisy Whisper Brown - designed by Gosia Baczynska.

© Ceramika Paradyż

They will be perfect for arrangements based on both light and darker color palettes, corresponding well with marble, wood, recently fashionable stucco or matte, modernist surfaces.

Surprising extravagance

A characteristic motif taken from the early twentieth century, is also the combination of different structures and the use of jewel-like embellishments that add character to the whole. We can see this approach in the Fashion Spirit collection. Here we can find an unusual configuration of tiles, which perfectly matches the style drawn from the portrait of the 1920s. The whole is based on two timeless yet extravagant color combinations: black and gold and black and white.

Fashion Spirit Black

Fashion Spirit Black - designed by Gosia Baczynska

© Ceramika Paradyż

At the heart of the collection are tiles with a structure reminiscent of crocodile skin and a matte finish, which have been broken with characteristic decorative strips in the form of a chain. Depending on personal preferences and the character of the interior, we can reach for tiles in black and combine them with gold details, or bet on a minimalist contrast, characteristic of art déco, and choose tiles in white and glossy black decor.

Artistic space

Rich, ornate gold and silver designs are also an important characteristic of the style of a bygone era. Sophisticated, lavish decorations have been triumphing in interiors for years, taking on ever different forms. In the latest collection of ceramic tiles by Gosia Baczynska - Unique Lady, we will find patterns inspired by the structure of lace.

The decoration was done in a noble old gold color and placed on tiles in a subdued shade, a deep, extinguished green, with a heterogeneous texture. Like the lace fabric, at first glance this decoration is delicate and fragile, but it is governed by the firm laws of geometry and thoughtful design. In this spirit, glass inserts in the shape of hexagons and trapezoidal mosaics have also been created, which will allow to stylishly arrange the space in many ways.

Unique Lady Green

Unique Lady Green - design: Gosia Baczyńska.

© Ceramika Paradyż

The combination of tradition, modernity and avant-garde, proposed by Gosia Baczyńska and Ceramika Paradyż, will surely appeal to all enthusiasts of bold solutions and non-standard approach to arranging home space. The collections from the Paradyż My Way by Gosia Baczyńska line offer a wide range of colors, original structures and various formats, and have been conceived according to the MIX "N" MATCH principle, thanks to which all elements can be freely combined and arranged with each other, creating an infinite number of arrangements.

For more information, visit the company's Ceramika Paradyż Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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