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Energy efficient Aluprof systems - A new standard in construction

11 of November '22

In Poland, at least several hundred buildings are built each year using Aluprof aluminum systems. The company offers products that perfectly meet the requirements of green building and perform well in both commercial and private construction.

MB-104 Passive - a system of passive windows and doors

The MB-104 Passive system of windows and doors with a thermal barrier, in SI and Aero variants, with the highest thermal insulation, meets all the requirements for elements used in passive construction. The system is used to make various types of windows, doors, vestibules, showcases and spatial structures. In addition to excellent thermal insulation (for UW opening window from 0.53 W/m2K), it is also characterized by very good sound insulation, water and air tightness and high structural strength. The parameters of constructions made of MB-104 Pass ive system elements exceed the current requirements of the strictest applicable regulations and standards, which is why MB-104 Passive is a system designed for energy-efficient and passive construction, as confirmed by the Passive House Institute Darmstadt certificates obtained for the MB-104 Passive SI and MB-104 Passive Aero versions.


.KTW II proj.: medusa group

© Alupfor

MB 86N - window and door system

MB-86N is a product with very good parameters, giving the possibility to satisfy various needs of users. The construction of the sections has 2 variants of execution depending on the requirements of thermal energy saving: ST and SI. MB-86N is the tightest windows in its category(E4800 Pa class) and high thermal insulation (Uw as low as 0.62 W/(m2k)). Among the advantages of the MB-86N system is also the high strength of the profiles, making it possible to make constructions of large size and weight. A version of MB-86US windows with a concealed sash is available, as well as an outward-opening window system with a thermal barrier MB-86 Casement.

Browary Warszawskie - Apartamenty przy Warzelni - budynek E

Browary Warszawskie - Apartamenty przy Warzelni - building E, proj.: JEMS Architekci

© Alupfor

MB-79N - window and door system

The MB-79N system is the most modern ,economical window and door system in Aluprof's offer. It is the successor of the very popular and widely used MB-70 system in the construction industry, introduced to meet the increased thermal insulation requirements from 2021. It is used to make a wide range of constructions, among which are: fixed, casement, tilt and tilt-slide windows, as well as single and double-leaf external doors, and display solutions with doors. This innovative solution is available in three thermal options: E, ST and SI. It is also the basis for MB-79N US concealed sash windows, as well as MB-79N Casement outward opening windows.

Hotel Nobu Warsaw

Nobu Warsaw Hotel, design: medusa group

© Alupfor


A facade with very good technical parameters designed to construct and make lightweight curtain walls of the hanging and filling type, as well as roofs, skylights and other spatial structures. In order to achieve optimal thermal and acoustic insulation and facilitate the installation of the facade, the MB-SR50N HI+ system uses an insulator made of PE material, which gives very good thermal insulation (Uf from 0.59 W/m2K), and its shape ensures the proper guidance of the screw during the glazing of the facade. This has a huge impact on the speed and simplicity of installation. The system makes it possible to build facades with visible narrow dividing lines, while ensuring the durability and strength of the construction. The advantages of the MB-SR50N HI+ system include: angular connections that allow free shaping of aluminum buildings, mullions and transoms with "sharp" edges that make it possible to build facade load-bearing structures with the appearance of a uniform truss, aesthetic variations of the facade and a number of overlay profiles of different shapes provide many variations of the facade image, and a wide range of opening elements in the facade: various types of windows and doors, including MB-SR50N RW skylight windows integrated into the facade, as well as MB-SR50N OW tilt and parallel opening windows.

Siedziba firmy Press Glass

Press Glass headquarters, design: Konior Studio Tomasz Konior

© Alupfor

MB-77HS - lift-and-slide doors

The construction of the profiles allows exclusive large-size doors to be made (leaf weight up to 600 kg), filled with single- or double-chamber glass, and the materials and technical solutions used help achieve a high degree of thermal and acoustic protection. Thanks to its properties, the system is ideal for both single-family buildings and comfortable apartments or hotels. In addition, the closed shape of the glazing bars and anti-burglary details allow to achieve increased anti-burglary properties. MB-77HS doors allow the construction of structures with a low threshold, with a narrow mullion width of only 47.5 mm, as well as 90 and 270 degree corner doors with a movable mullion.

Elektrownia Powiśle

Powiśle power plant, design: APA Wojciechowski

© Alupfor

MB-SKYLINE TYPE R - sliding door system with concealed frame

MB-SKYLINE TYPE R is a modern large-size sliding door system, characterized by lightness and aesthetics. It is based on narrow profiles, thanks to which the constructions gain a modern look, while providing a panoramic view of the house surroundings. MB-SKYLINE TYPE R is primarily a completely concealed door leaf profiles, narrow mullion and shallow frame. No great force is needed to move the huge elements, and the mechanism works almost silently. The maximum height of the structure is as high as 4 meters. Using a surface actuator, the moving sash can weigh up to 1,200 kg. This gives the possibility to design spectacular glass walls. Doors made on the basis of this system give the building a unique style and raise the profile of the entire investment.

Intraco Prime

Intraco Prime, proj.: Juvenes-Projekt

© Alupfor

MB-HARMONY OFFICE - interior wall systems

MB-HARMONY OFF ICE is a new family of products for the construction of interior glass walls, whose main idea is to create a system that is easy to prefabricate and quick to install, providing modern, lightweight design and comfort. MB-HARMONY is a single-glazed system with a geometrically lightweight, easy-to-install design. It provides for combining with tempered glass, laminated glass and acoustic glass from 10-12 mm. MB-HARMONY DUO is a system for the construction of internal double-glazed walls, the main purpose of which is any office space with very high acoustic requirements. Double glazing ensures the achievement of the insulation necessary to maintain both good working comfort and the security of confidentiality of conversations held in the rooms.

Mennica Legacy Tower

Mint Legacy Tower, proj.: Goettsch Partners, Epstein

© Alupfor

At www.archit - Aluprof system models for BIM design are available.

For more information, visit the company's ALUPROF SA page on the PdA portal.

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