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What to keep in mind when choosing patio doors and windows?

20 of May '24

From the series "Windows, doors, hardware and covers - trends 2024"

Building and finishing a house is an investment for years. Therefore, in the design of your dream property, it is necessary to include solutions that will be durable and functional, and at the same time fit into the latest trends. Among these can be mentioned windows and patio doors, which are one of the most important elements that affect the perception of the entire building, and provide homebuyers with a panoramic view of the surroundings. However, when choosing the ideal woodwork for the terrace, there are several things to keep in mind.

Design and functionality for a spectacular view

In modern architecture, you can see a trend of choosing solutions that give buildings a minimalist look, while allowing homeowners to enjoy a beautiful view. Large-size windows and terrace doors based on sliding systems, such as MB-SKYLINE TYPE R from Aluprof, fit perfectly into this idea. The main advantages of this solution are the possibility of obtaining a panoramic view and a spectacular combination of indoor and outdoor space. Thanks to spectacular glazing, we are able to let nature into the rooms, thus building an atmosphere of relaxation and closeness to the surrounding nature, as the terrace or garden becomes an integral part of the building. Large-size terrace woodwork positively affects the illumination of rooms and their optical enlargement, and gives the building a modern and designer character. Solutions, which are based on narrow mullions, allow to increase the aesthetic value of the terrace and increase light transmission, so when choosing the right windows and doors, pay attention to the proportions of the frame to the glazing area.

Excellent performance = energy efficiency and good acoustics

When choosing the ideal woodwork for a terrace, issues related to quality, functionality, convenience of use, safety, insulation or energy efficiency of individual solutions are just as important as design.

According to the NFOŚiGW, thermal losses, for which windows are responsible, reach 23.1-36.3%, so it is important to bet on the highest quality solutions that provide high thermal insulation. Among them can be mentioned panoramic sliding doors in the MB-SKYLINE TYPE R Aluprof system, which, thanks to the use of appropriate insulators and insulated glass, have excellent heat transfer parameters. The research-documented insulating properties of these solutions significantly minimize heat loss, raising the energy standard of the entire building. This makes it possible to significantly reduce heating bills in the colder months and cooling bills in the warmer ones, suggests Dominik Szymalski, Product Manager at Aluprof's Building Systems Development Department.

Using materials of sufficiently high quality and thermal insulation in joinery and combining them into a functional structure is one of the most important issues. The tightness of windows and doors is also very important. It determines the effectiveness of the thermal and acoustic insulation of the joinery, and at the same time helps protect the interior from adverse weather conditions. High-quality seals will help keep indoor air warm in winter and cool in summer, so they will positively affect the energy efficiency of the house. Large-size windows and patio doors based on sliding systems should additionally be easy to operate. The opening and closing mechanisms must operate smoothly and effortlessly. In the case of structures with heavy sashes, it is possible to equip them with drives that allow users to use them comfortably and safely.

Innovations for user comfort

Products that enable the construction of spectacular glazing are MB-82HS and MB-SKYLINE TYPE R solutions from Aluprof.

The former, which is a novelty in the company's offer, allows the construction of lift-and-slide doors combining excellent aesthetic qualities with high thermal insulation. Thanks to its advanced technical solutions, MB-82HS makes it possible to create constructions in which the leaf dimensions can be as large as 3.24×3.3 m and reach an impressive weight of 600 kg. Thus, the product fits perfectly into the current trends. It can use different mullion variants (SI+ mullion with enhanced thermal performance or narrow mullion providing an unrestricted view), a wide range of hardware, and can be supplemented with automation enabling remote control. Also worth appreciating are conveniences that increase the aesthetics and functionality of the door - a zero threshold, the aforementioned narrow post or the lack of masking strips on the side frames. It is worth noting that MB-82HS Aluprof doors are also distinguished by very high technical parameters: their heat transfer coefficientUw is from 0.6 W/(m²K), watertightness 750 Pa, and resistance to wind load 1200 Pa. In addition, the design of the SI+ variant mullion eliminates the possibility of surface condensation even at very low outside temperatures.




On the other hand, the second solution mentioned, the sliding door with hidden frame MB-Skyline Type R, despite its sizeable dimensions (the maximum height of the construction can be as much as 4 meters, and the moving leaf of the construction weighs up to 1200 kg), impresses with its unique appearance and functionality. This product has a completely concealed door leaf profiles, a narrow post and a shallow frame. No great force is neededto move the huge elements, and the mechanism works almost silently. Thanks to the use of this product, the structure gains a modern and lightweight appearance, while providing homeowners with a panoramic view.

When choosing the ideal terrace door, there are several issues to consider, among which the most important are design and quality. Thanks to the use of modern Aluprof solutions, there is no need to compromise and you can have it all in one product, creating a design that perfectly matches the trends in architecture.

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