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INNOVIEW vertical windows - how to choose the product best suited to my home?

20 of May '24

From the series "Windows, doors, hardware and covers - trends 2024"

We have already become accustomed to configuring our smartphone, car equipment, closet or kitchen build-outs ourselves. INNOVIEW vertical windows can also be "tailor-made," individually selecting individual components and assembling them like building blocks.

INNOVIEW windows are large-sized glazing combining wood and aluminum. What sets them apart? The possibilities! All components, from the type and finish of the profiles, through the construction and appearance of the glazing package, to the details of the connections, can be selected in different variants, designing the final structure according to your own taste.

Four types of wood

Wooden frames are the core of INNOVIEW windows. Depending on the expected parameters and aesthetic preferences, we can choose one of four types: noble oak wood characterized by high hardness, pine profiles with light grain and good thermal insulation, "warm" and durable larch frames or exotic meranti wood with high resistance to external factors and unique grain.

Wykorzystanie drewna w stolarce budowlanej zapewnia wysoką termoizolacyjność oraz odpowiednią sztywność konstrukcji nawet przy dużych rozmiarach przeszkleń

The use of wood in joinery ensures high thermal insulation and adequate rigidity of the structure even with large glazing sizes


Shape and color of the wooden profile

By properly selecting the shape and color of the frames, we influence the appearance of the windows and the entire room. INNOVIEW window profiles are available in two versions: straight REGULAR and softer, shaped with a slight slope CLASSIC. In both, the corners are joined using tenoning technology, which improves the rigidity and durability of the structure. The frames can be finished in a shade that matches the background of the wall or the wooden design elements, but can also contrast with them, providing a distinctive accent to the interior. Thanks to modern opaque layers with a semi-matte finish and any color, we have full design freedom. A uniform surface with no visible micro-bevels under any covering structure will look good, and the final effect depends only on our visual preferences.

Drewno w oknach Innoview może być przygotowane w różnych kolorach wg indywidualnych preferencji Klienta

The wood of Innoview windows can be prepared in various colors according to individual customer preferences


Different variants of aluminum profiles

The external cladding provides the wooden frames with protection from weather factors, so the woodwork does not need to undergo renovation. It also undoubtedly gives a modern touch. We ourselves can decide how the windows will look on the facade. The main issue is the color, to choose from more than 215 from the RAL palette and special shades. But the shape of the aluminum profiles also matters: classic SOFT, modern MODERN with flush sash and frame, or the PURE version, where the frame is a single plane as with fixed glazing. Due to differences in construction, the different variants affect the heat transfer coefficient of the window, so you need to check it when configuring your model -Uw must not exceed 0.9 W/(m²K). It is also worth paying attention to the joints of the corners of the profiles. In the crimped option, a slight slanted joint remains in the corner of the cladding, while in the welded one there is no visible joint. This is a detail that is sure to be appreciated by aesthetes.

Główną cechą i wyróżnikiem okien INNOVIEW jest kształt zewnętrznej okładziny aluminiowej -dostępna w trzech wariantach: SOFT, MODERN i PURE

The main feature and distinguishing feature of INNOVIEW windows is the shape of the external aluminum cladding - available in three variants: SOFT, MODERN and PURE


Optimum glazing package

Good windows must be energy-efficient, and in large glazing the glazing is primarily responsible for the thermal parameters, so the selection of the glazing package design should be well thought out. INNOVIEW windows are available with two- or three-chamber packages, with a heat transfer coefficientUg of 0.5 and 0.3 W/(m²K), respectively. Both types are embedded in the frame with gaskets, using the dry glazing technique - without silicone. This further enhances the aesthetics of the woodwork.

Jeśli chcemy, możemy zamówić okna z szybą strukturalną, rozpraszającą widok

If you want, you can order windows with structural glass, diffusing the view


Safe and functional hardware

Comfort of operation is standard in FAKRO solutions. Fittings on INNOVIEW windows ensure convenient opening and closing even with large sash sizes. As for burglary resistance, the joinery is offered in RC1 standard, but it can be retrofitted with RC2 level security.

Przy zamkniętych skrzydłach zawiasy okien Innoview są całkowicie ukryte, co dodatkowo podnosi walory estetyczne okna

When the sashes are closed, the hinges of Innoview windows are completely hidden, which further enhances the aesthetic value of the window


The final touch, or a matching handle

Straight, rounded, with angular or rounded edges, gold, silver, titanium or white - let's choose the handle of INNOVIEW windows in terms of ergonomics and appearance, and in the package we get a patented locking mechanism to increase security.

Ile to kosztuje? Przykładowe zestawienie z wyceną

How much does it cost? Sample statement with pricing


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