Gates and fences

Gates and fences

Gates and fences

Gates, fencing, doors and windows are the showcase of our building. Only harmonious consistency will make our house look unique and perfect. The compatibility of these elements will make the design seem harmonious and fully thought out.

do gates and fencing have to be the same?

Gates and doors are natural entrances to our personal interior, so they should be inviting and inviting to visitors. At the same time, they must harmonize with the window woodwork. After all, as a whole, they form the showcase of our home.
Already at the design stage, we should take into account the window and door joinery, gates and fencing, so that they are consistent with each other, while at the same time fitting properly into the body of the house. Today, buildings no longer serve only a functional purpose. They are also part of the space we want to create nice by design. That's why it's so important that our design is consistent and harmonious to the very end, taking care of all the architectural details. We shouldn't mix too many textures, colors and materials, so that our house doesn't seem over-saturated.

what kind of fence to choose?

Today we have many proposals on the market, but we must remember that the most important thing is that the fence should fit perfectly into the overall shape of our building and surroundings. It is also necessary to take into account the local zoning plan, so that we can be sure whether our fence can be made of any material, or whether only one type of building material, the height of the fence or its shape is provided for in the area. Sometimes it is necessary to refer to the character of the surrounding buildings, so that the entire estate, or the selected area, has a uniform character.

When we are sure, we must ask ourselves: why do we actually need a fence? What should it serve us for? Do we want to completely cut ourselves off from neighbors and onlookers with a high wall? Or maybe our house is next to a busy street and we don't want noise and pollution to get into our area? It also depends on what we want to have on the other side of the fence. If we like plants, we need to take into account the fact that a high wall may cast shade on our garden during much of the day, so shade-loving plants should be included. However, if the fence is only to be used for protection from unwanted visitors, perhaps a mesh will suffice, on which we can always plant climbing plants. If the fence is only to mark the border of our area, then a delicate, low fence, for example, wooden, will suffice.

It is worth paying attention to what materials our fence will be made of. Will it be heavy masonry, concrete fencing, wood, or perhaps aluminum fencing, which is much lighter than popular steel structures. Depending on the type of material, you need to consider its maintenance and susceptibility to damage, such as corrosion, or moss growth in the case of stone.

What kind of gate to choose?

Depending on whether it is to be a garage gate or an entrance gate to our property, we should take into account the area of use at the time of opening when choosing them. If we decide, for example, to use a sectional side door in our garage, we must then take into account the fact that at the time of its opening, the side wall on which the guides will be placed will be occupied.

Another feature to pay attention to when choosing a garage door is its thermal insulation. A feature that is very important for heated garages, as each type of door has different levels of thermal insulation.

Whether it's a garage door or not.

Whether it is a gate to enter the property or the garage, it should also protect against burglary. That's why they are marked with a burglary resistance class, of which there are 6 in Poland, ranging from RC1 to RC6, with RC6 having the highest level of burglary protection.

Today there are a number of different levels of burglary protection.

Today there are many conveniences that facilitate the operation and security of gates. Their opening by remote control is no longer amazing and has become extremely popular in our climate, especially when the weather outside does not encourage getting out of the car. But it's worth getting acquainted with other features, such as soft stop; the ability to stop during closing if the system encounters an obstacle, this will help protect us if we get in the way of closing; locking on spring breakage, this safety feature protects against the flap falling down when it fails, or many other useful conveniences.

The gate's spring breakage is also an important feature.

We must, however, remember that the whole thing should harmonize with the body of our house and create one common ideal space.