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Milord - high quality front fences, panel gates and wickets

07 of December '21

High quality front fences, panel gates and wickets

Milord is a manufacturer of panels and fencing systems, present on the Polish market for several years. We are constantly developing our skills ahead of the changing needs of customers and the industry.

Ogrodzenie frontowe
wykonane z betonowych bloczków architektonicznych. Dopełnienie stanowią przęsła palisadowe

Front fence made of concrete architectural blocks. Complemented by palisade spans


Comprehensive service

We dedicate our offer to the B2B sector and individual contractors. Several years of experience in the fencing industry and extensive knowledge allow us to perfectly understand the needs of customers, so our offer is comprehensive and takes into account all stages of the implementation of the order.
As a Polish manufacturer of 2d and 3d fence panels, we provide:
- professional advice from our consultants
- support in designing a fence
- delivery of a selected fencing system
- production of gates and wickets to specific dimensions and professional installation of the fence.

Ogrodzenie frontowe
murowane z bloczków betonowych i otynkow

Front fence made of concrete blocks and plastered.


In full swing

Milord's inventory invariably includes nearly 20 thousand 3d panels and the necessary accessories, so we comprehensively serve large industrial and sports facilities, development companies or logistics centers.
We fulfill wholesale orders throughout the country. We also cooperate with foreign customers from the Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany, Austria or Sweden.

Ogrodzenie frontowe
sztachetowe. Wykonane z blachy ocynkowanej, malowanej proszkowo, w kolorze antracytowym. Jest to popularny model, często wybierany jako
ogrodzenie posesji prywatnych. Zdjęcie przedstawia widok od strony posesji

Front rail fence. Made of galvanized sheet metal, powder coated, in anthracite color.
This is a popular model, often chosen as a fence for private properties. The photo shows the view from the side of the property


Top quality

At Milord, we offer 2d and 3d fence panels in two types: galvanized and protected with polyester paint (basic colors are gray, green and black) or hot-dip galvanized. Our products are made from steel of the highest quality, meeting PN-EN and ISO 1461 standards. They are characterized by high durability, resulting from very good corrosion protection and simple and quick installation.

Ogrodzenie frontowe
z ocynkowanych profili pionowych o wymiarze 2 cm x 2 cm, na betonowej podmurówce, w kolorze RAL 7016

Front fence made of galvanized vertical profiles 2 cm x 2 cm, on concrete foundation, RAL 7016 color


Fence systems covered with anti-corrosion coating provide a guarantee of long-term use without maintenance. This type of fencing is particularly suitable for warehouse, office and public facilities, as well as parks, playgrounds, private properties and sports fields.

Ogrodzenie panelowe to
skuteczna alternatywna dla odchodzącej już do lamusa siatki ogrodzeniowej

Panel fencing is an effective alternative to the fence mesh, which is now going away


For more information, visit the company's Milord Ogrodzenia Systemowe page on the PdA portal

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