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High quality fences, gates and wickets

06 of December '23

Milord is a manufacturer of fence panels and systems, present on the Polish market for several years. We are constantly developing our skills ahead of the changing needs of customers and the industry.

We address our offer to the B2B sector and individual contractors. The portfolio of services provided includes the production and comprehensive installation of gates and wickets, as well as the installation of front fences, which we custom-made according to specific customer preferences.

Ogrodzenie frontowe z bloczków prefabrykowanych z wypełnieniem z profili w rozmiarze 12x2

Front fence made of prefabricated blocks with 12x2 profile filling

© Milord System Fences

Milord 's inventory invariably includes nearly 20,000 3D panels and the necessary accessories, so we comprehensively serve large industrial and sports facilities, development companies or logistics centers. Our products are made of the highest quality steel, meeting PN-EN and ISO 1461 standards. They are characterized by high durability, resulting from very good corrosion protection, and simple and quick installation.

Słupek 60x40 w ogrodzeniu panelowym

60x40 post in a panel fence

© Milord Ogrodzenia Systemowe

Anti-corrosion-coated fencing systems provide a guarantee of long-term use without maintenance. This type of fencing is particularly suitable for warehouse, office and public facilities, as well as parks, playgrounds, private properties and sports fields.

Front fence made of architectural blocks

This is a model, which is complemented by customized spans, made of galvanized and powder-coated sheet metal in dimensions - from 35 to 45 cm.

Ogrodzenie frontowe na murku z bloczków z betonu architektonicznego

Front fence on a wall made of architectural concrete blocks

© Milord Ogrodzenia Systemowe

Architectural concrete blocks are twice the size of traditional blocks and hollow inside. Therefore, once set, all you need to do is place the reinforcement in them and fill them with the appropriate mortar. Concrete f ence blocks are available smooth and in three shades - gray, white and anthracite. The fence is complemented by architectural concrete canopies, which do not protrude beyond the outline of the post. Such durable and aesthetically pleasing fences are increasingly popular among individual customers, developers and landscape architects.

Panel fencing

Panel fencing is an effective alternative to fence mesh, which is now going away. At Milord, we offer 2D and 3D fence panels, in two types: galvanized and protected with polyester paint (basic colors are gray, green and black) or galvanized only.

Ogrodzenie frontowe z bloczków prefabrykowanych z metalowymi przęsłami

Front fence made of prefabricated blocks with metal spans

© Milord System Fences

For more information, visit the company's Milord Ogrodzenia Systemowe page on the PdA portal

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