Barriers, parking bollards

Barriers, parking bollards

Parking barriers and parking posts

Increasing numbers of cars, there is a growing problem with parking spaces in cities. When creating modern urban architecture, spaces for parking vehicles are envisaged, but this has not always been the case, and nowadays it is necessary to generate even a few spaces in a small area.

are entry barriers necessary?

There is no doubt that the number of cars is steadily increasing, and parking space especially in cities is still in short supply. Creating city parking lots does not always solve the problem of parking, especially when the parking lot is built in a public utility area that also contains residential development. Residents of an area should be guaranteed permanent access to home parking. Part of the parking lot may be set aside exclusively for residents of nearby developments. For this purpose, barriers allowing entry only for selected vehicles become reliable.

What are the modern solutions used in barriers?

Technology continues to meet by creating modern solutions that are designed to facilitate operations. The barriers that restrict entry of only selected vehicles to a given area have the most diverse solutions. They can be opened and closed with a remote control, entry cards, using a smartphone or induction loops, but also with cameras that recognize license plates. This is a great convenience for people using small neighborhood parking lots, or those located near offices and workplaces.

what kind of barriers to use on long-term parking lots?

Long-term parking lots are spaces where the car is left for a longer period of time, such as: in shopping malls, airports, or train stations. There, not only barriers are used for entry and exit, but also an entire system that determines the number of free spaces in the parking lot, as well as monitors fees for its use. Thanks to the connection to the Internet, the management of the parking lot, the detection of defects, the control of what happens in it is possible from any place in the world.

An additional solution are automatic cash registers, which can be placed in any place, not necessarily in the parking lot. Their operation is very simple, even intuitive, and using them before you are in the parking lot, and not at the very exit from it, reduces queues and speeds up the exit.


Are entry barriers easily damaged?

There are times when someone strenuously tries to enter or leave a parking lot without previously paying for it. Attempting to lift the barrier mechanically can prove extremely difficult, as barriers are protected against this type of vandalism.