Wall coverings

Wall coverings

Wall cladding

Walls are an interior element that gives the entire space character and individual style. Properly finished, they can be the most significant detail and attract attention as soon as you enter the room. Wanting to achieve a unique design, it is worth taking care of their finishing.

What are the wall finishing materials available on the market?

When thinking about wall finishes, one probably immediately thinks of paints or tapes. However, the list of finishing materials does not end there. The modern market offers us many new solutions that will significantly change the appearance of our interior and make it easily elegant and take on the character that is right for us. The rich market provides us with a variety of finishing materials: cladding, fornire, plywood, wallpaper, large-format panels, or modern materials imitating rocks. Also not to be forgotten here is architectural concrete , which is returning to favor and gives interiors a raw but modern and elegant look.

Modern wallpaper designs make it possible to create glamorous interiors, or imitate the authentic surface of materials by adding texture to the wallpaper. Covering even one wall with such a material, we create a strong element that will give the interior a unique character.

can wall coverings soundproof?"

There is a whole range of products that not only soundproofing, but also used in concert halls, theaters, cinemas and other public places to create the best possible acoustics of the place. The use of acoustic panels will help create interiors with the best possible sound reception.

Interior soundproofing works well in large halls as well as in the comfort of our home. Problems with noise coming from outside, or suppressing it through the use of acoustic materials, will create a place where noise is no longer a problem. If we are fans of cinema and want to create a room designed for watching movies loudly, or like to listen to loud music in the comfort of our home, a room with acoustic panels will be the best solution for this.