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Wall Art - unique, creative wallpapers for your measurements

07 of December '21

At Wall Art we focus on ecology and cooperation with local suppliers, Polish artists and manufacturers. We design and produce unique, creative custom wallpapers perfectly tailored to fit any wall, even the most unusual. Thanks to ecological latex production and the highest quality materials, our products meet the highest standards guaranteed by safety certificates.

nazwa wzoru: Fuerta
collection/kolekcja: Arte – Joanna Osińska

design name: Fuerta collection/collection: Arte - Joanna Osinska.


For bathroom and kitchen

Wallpaper and a bathroom? For many people, such a combination seems absurd, after all, it is a place highly exposed to moisture. However, it turns out that modern wallpapers are able to meet any challenge without the slightest problem and can successfully replace not only traditional tiles, but even be used in such extreme places as... a shower stall!

nazwa wzoru: Junona
collection/kolekcja: Arte – Lenartowicz

pattern name: Junona collection/collection: Arte - Lenartowicz


Of course, not every wallpaper is suitable for application in a place exposed to moisture, as much as it is in the case of the bathroom or kitchen, so you need to start by choosing the right wallpaper material. The choice in this case is obvious and very simple: laminated self-adhesive vinyl - available as an option for each design in the Wall Art range. Thanks to its properties, it not only guarantees 100% resistance to moisture, but is also fully washable, that is, it allows the use of household chemicals and even scrubbing.

nazwa wzoru: Layla
Maroon collection/kolekcja: Wall Art – Originals

pattern name: Layla Maroon collection/collection: Wall Art - Originals


Art at your fingertips

The works of the world's greatest masters of painting and contemporary Polish artists transform bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms bringing elegance and style, introducing art to our apartments, offices and stores.

nazwa wzoru: Hermes
collection/kolekcja: Arte – Madebybugaj

pattern name: Hermes collection/collection: Arte - Madebybugaj


The Wall Art Arte collection was created as a result of the artistic creation of eight diverse, talented Polish painters. Transferred by our graphics department to digital version, the paintings become unique wallpapers, capable of transforming any interior. In them, art meets the utilitarian dimension - allowing each of us to interact with it in the comfort of our own apartment, office or premises. These are unique wallpapers created in cooperation with painters. The designs are created in the traditional form of paintings on canvas, painted with oil and acrylic paints, as well as watercolor paintings and sketches.

Wall Art - unikalne,
kreatywne tapety na wymiar

Wall Art - unique, creative wallpapers for your measurements


Here is a unique, exclusive collection for those with a refined aesthetic sense.

For more information, visit the company's WALL ART Sp. z o.o. page on the PDA portal.

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