Stairs, railings

Stairs, railings

Stairs and balustrades

The selection of internal stairs their appearance, location and determine how much space we can allocate for them should be done already at the stage of creating an architectural design. However, it is possible to install ready-made designs functioning on the market at a later stage.

are reinforced concrete stairs the best solution?

Rebel concrete stairs are a common construction solution. They are durable, fireproof and sturdy, but require finishing with wood, carpet, tiles or other material. They can have a variety of profiles, but then you need to take into account the appropriate finish. Too much of an odd shape, may be too difficult to finish with wood, for example. It should also be noted that their location should be planned already at the design stage and made during construction.

what are the alternatives to reinforced concrete stairs?

If we want to visually increase the space of the room, as it may seem that reinforced concrete stairs take up too much space, we can use ready-made runs, such as wooden or glass ones. Often they are prepared for simple assembly, where we can even install them ourselves.

It is worth noting that wooden stairs fit almost any interior. Both to modern spaces and to classic rooms.

Glass staircases add lightness and fit perfectly in minimalist, modern spaces, but their construction is often made of steel. Only the steps, or possibly the balustrade, are made of glass, but their appearance is always impressive.

The glass racetracks are also made of glass.

More demanding customers may be interested in stairs made to special orders. Not only made with flair, for example, with rich balustrade, but also for hard-to-reach places, where the space for them is too small for the installation of the finished product. In such situations, stairs made of metal, which can be bent in any way, for example, into a spiral, will be ideal.

Is a balustrade just about safety?

Of course, the main factor in placing a balustrade is safety. However, modern technological possibilities allow you to create unlimited designs, so that the railing can become a decorative element not only of the stairs, but also of the entire interior. Wooden, glass or designer-cut balustrades sheet metal, are an important element of interior design and can give character to the entire room.

what to pay attention to when finishing a staircase?

When finishing stairs, you should also take care of safety. The material we use should be non-slip. If you like glass steps, be sure to cover them with an anti-slip layer.

The staircase should be made of glass.

A very good solution that not only guarantees safety, but also provides an excellent visual effect is the use of lighting. Especially since such illumination not only emphasizes the chcarakter of the entire structure, but also creates a unique visual effect.

The lighting of glass steps is a very good solution, not only guaranteeing safety, but also providing an excellent visual effect.