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Aluminum and glass showcases and blinds, rolling grilles, unique balustrades for many applications

11 of December '20

DAN DAV company has been on the market for 30 years. The company's domain is aluminum and glass show cases , as well as blinds, rolling grilles produced mainly for shopping center chains and tenants of commercial premises. The company's continuous development and diversification of its product range has meant that it now operates in many different fields. Remaining in the circle of aluminum, glass and steel products, it has expanded its portfolio of products and services to include balustrades, among others.

This architectural element has a wide range of applications in both commercial, public buildings and residential construction. Based on the customer's design and technical assumptions developed in the company, it is easy to create a unique product. This is because balustrades can differ in many details. The type of railing, for example, stainless or wooden, in different shapes and shades. Glass panesused in balustrades can be transparent, tinted, or milky. The balustrade profile and glass can also be bent with a bending radius on the railing as well.

Balustrady szklane samonośne
z pochwytem nierdzewnym, CH Plac Unii Warszawa © DAN DAVSelf-supporting glass balustrades with stainless steel handrail, Plac Unii Warsaw shopping center


Self-supporting glass balustrades, type Lorica V is our own proprietary balustrading system, which can be used to make horizontal balustrades (e.g. on balconies, terraces, landings) and sloping balustrades (e.g. on staircases, driveways, etc.). Each implemented project is supported by structural calculations, which guarantee compliance with regulations, standards and requirements in force in the construction industry and later safe use for customers.

TheLorica profile is built from corrosion-resistant elements, aluminum alloy, so it is stable and durable. It has a universal top or side fixing and can be used on various surfaces. The construction of the profile allows the construction of fully transparent balustrades without the need for posts and a handrail.

Balustrady stalowe, przegrody
balkonowe © DAN DAVSteel balustrades, balcony partitions


The extensive knowledge of engineers and an extensive machinery and logistics base allows not only to make glass balustrades but also many other related products:

  • Steel balustrades, stainless steel balustrades made of tubes and bent bars or filled with laser-cut sheet metal.
  • Aluminum and glass joinery also PPOŻ, based on Aluprof systems.
  • Large-size mirrors as large as 2400/4000 mounted on walls.
  • Glazing made of lacquered steel angles filled with glass.
  • Aluminum-glass systems with glass doors based on the proprietary GLASS-WALL aluminum profile with Technical Approval allow the use of glass panes up to a height of 5000.
  • Enclosures of elevators, walls, portals with glass, elements of composite panels, sheet metal.
  • Bumpers, technical protection and other elements of ironwork and construction.

E-OBUWIE. Wielkogabarytowe lustra i ścianki szklane © DAN DAVE-OBUVES. Large-size mirrors and glass walls.


The company offers technical assistance in design work. Treating each customer individually, it reaches all regions of the country and Europe with its products and services.

For more information, visit the company's DAN DAV Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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