Building materials

Building materials

Building materials

Choosing the right building materials and system solutions is the foundation of a good project. Choosing the right roof, facade, and insulation and insulation system will create a structure that is not only visually beautiful, but also pragmatically brilliant when it comes to the building's functional solutions.

when to decide the choice of building materials?

Choosing building materials is an extremely important matter when creating a project. Once we know what we are going to build, with whom we are going to work with and on what terms, there remains the question of the most important system solutions, i.e. roofing solutions, elevations, insulation and insulation. We need to make such decisions already at the stage of creating the project, so that during later operation the selected solutions will perfectly harmonize with each other.

What to build with?

Today's technological solutions already offer almost unlimited possibilities. Only on the creativity of the architect depends on how much a building will be both unique and beautiful, as well as functional. Choosing the ideal material will make our structure unique, whether it be glass, plate, or any other finishing material.

A properly selected finish will determine the extent to which a building will be attractive not only to the client, but also to outsiders - viewers of that architecture. The external appearance of the building should even encourage people to visit its interior.

how to insulate and insulate?

The issue of insulating and insulating a building is extremely important. The well-chosen system solutions will determine how functional and ergonomic the building is in operation. Does it have good soundproofing? Are the walls well insulated? In such solutions, mineral wool works very well. However, the market for insulation systems and insulation is growing steadily. Companies, meeting the problems of customers, keep finding new and surprising solutions.

What kind of roof to choose?

The fashion for flat roofs is coming back into favor, but with such constructions, sleepless nights are spent by architects on solutions drainage and waterproofing of such constructions. However, we should not be afraid of this. Today's technologies solve problems related to excess rainwater. A particular solution for rainwater, are retention roofs. Not only do they look beautiful and change the environment to be more eye-friendly, but they also regulate the level of water flowing into the city's drainage system.

A well-designed and looking building, with consideration of modern system solutions for thermal insulation and insulation, is a guarantee of success.