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Precast reinforced concrete products for the construction industry

15 of December '23

HM Górażdże Prefabrykacja is part of Heidelberg Materials Polska (formerly Górażdże Group). Based on the experience of the Jastrobet prefabrication plant, whose history dates back to the 1970s, and our founder, the Swedish company Abrtong, we have been manufacturing, designing and gathering invaluable experience in providing modern prefabricated products for the Swedish housing market for more than two decades. We effectively transfer the time-tested and aesthetically pleasing solutions of modern buildings to the domestic market.

Balkony żelbetowe

Reinforced concrete balconies


Our specialty is full prefabrication for residential construction, including:
- external, three-layer "Sandwich" walls
- two-layer walls with thermal insulation
- interior walls, solid
- "DoubleWall" walls
- channel ceilings
- filigree ceilings
- balconies
- stair treads and landings
- spatial prefabricated elevator shafts
- columns and beams.

Ściana Sandwich z elewacją ceglaną

Sandwich wall with brick façade


Particularly noteworthy are external walls of the Sandwich type which allow a wide range of finishes:
- Painting. Most of the walls are painted externally at our manufacturing facility. We use spray paints of very high quality, which provide a consistently excellent result for years.
- Renderings and matrices. Architects can give vent to their creative ingenuity and creativity. We use magnetic strips which can be arranged in any number, in any direction and at any angle - all precisely, according to the design. A spectacular aesthetic effect can be achieved by using matrices, or imprints in concrete. Facades gain depth. The quality of the detailing is stunning. Matrices are selected from manufacturers' catalogs. The availability of patterns is huge - from imitations of brick or stone walls, to various types of elongated patterns in vertical or horizontal arrangement.
- Brick facade. This is the most structurally complex type of layered wall that we make. It can be made of clinker tiles, half or full bricks. We also used aged bricks or bricks recycled from old buildings.

Biegi schodowe

Stair runners


We can furnish the exterior walls with window joinery at the factory. We install the windows using specialized and precise equipment.
All types of walls we produce can be equipped with electrical installations. These include boxes of various sizes and outlets for cables located on the surface of the elements, as well as wires for pulling electrical cables hidden in the thickness of the wall.

Dom jednorodzinny żelbetowy prefabrykowany

Single-family prefabricated reinforced concrete house


HM Górażdże Prefabrykacja's offer will soon be expanded to include prefabricated single-family houses.

Ściana zewnętrzna Sandwich z matrycą

Sandwich exterior wall with matrix


For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdA portal.

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