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Visbud - Project composite reinforcement of concrete and masonry structures

15 of December '23

Ruregold's FRCM system - composite reinforcement for concrete and masonry structures

FRCM (Fabric Reinforced Cementitious Matrix) structural reinforcement is a combination of high mechanical strength fiber mesh and inorganic matrix that replaces traditional FRP systems using epoxy resins.

Ruregold was the first to innovate in structural reinforcement by patenting various FRCM (Fabric Reinforced Cementitious Matrix) reinforcement systems. Each is appropriately formulated to meet the reinforcement requirements of existing reinforced concrete structures, masonry structures, and masonry infill walls subject to seismic (possibly parseismic, such as shaking in mining areas) shocks.

Nagrody Renowator 2020 oraz 2022 za wysoki stopień przydatności do prac renowacyjnych

Renovator 2020 and 2022 awards for high suitability for renovation work


Ruregold reinforcement systems use two types of fiber - PBO and carbon fiber. Both of the aforementioned materials are characterized by high breaking strength and effectively take up the stresses caused by the load. PBO fiber, compared with carbon fiber, has a 20% higher tensile strength and a 15% higher modulus of elasticity.
Inorganic matrices, different for each reinforcement system, effectively adhere to both the mesh structural fibers and the substrate material, ensuring high reliability of the structural reinforcement.

Ruregold brand composite reinforcements use structural fibers with different fiber arrangements (bi-directional and unidirectional). This makes it possible to ensure maximum versatility of application in various loading situations: compression combined with bending of columns, shear of slabs, bending of beams and floors, variation of directions of seismic actions.

Wzmocnienie żelbetowej konstrukcji wieży technicznej

Reinforcement of the reinforced concrete structure of the technical tower


What problems do they solve

The use of an inorganic matrix for the application of structural reinforcement ensures that all the limitations of the safety, reliability and durability of the mechanical performance of FRP systems are overcome, since the matrix is more compatible with the substrate.

FRCM reinforcement systems provide:

  • ability to be used on wet substrates - hydraulic type binder is not afraid of the presence of moisture;

  • fire resistance - the matrix in direct contact with fire shows a reaction similar to that characterizing the substrate - it is non-flammable, has low smoke emission and does not release glowing particles;

  • good resistance to high temperatures - inorganic binders have unchanged mechanical properties and adhesion to the substrate at temperatures as high as +550°C;

  • high resistance to freeze-thaw cycles;

  • water vapor permeability - the system is vapor permeable (see certificate no. 1204-2012 according to UnI en 1015-19 issued by the M. Masini Research and Testing Institute). This prevents the phenomenon of condensation;

  • non-toxicity - the matrix is not a product harmful to the health of users or the environment; it can be applied without special protection and removed without special precautions;

  • simplicity of preparation and application - the mortar (matrix) is factory-prepared; it only needs to be mixed with water, and its application does not require the involvement of specialized teams;

  • high reliability of the reinforcement system also, when the destructive load is reached - the "ductility" of the products that make up the system prevents rapid detachment of the reinforcement from the substrate;

  • durability even at high ambient humidity - there is no deterioration of matrix adhesion to the substrate;

  • workability in a wide temperature range - in the range from +5°C to +35°C there are no significant differences in workability and matrix setting time;

  • reversibility of the system - the adhesion mechanism of the inorganic matrix allows the eventual removal of the reinforcement, without damaging the structure.

  • speed of application - application of the product "layer on layer"

Wzmocnienie belek nośnych wiaduktu kolejowego

Reinforcement of load-bearing beams of a railroad viaduct


Why is structural reinforcement used?

During the operation of the building, it may happen that the load-bearing capacity of the structure, compared to that assumed in the design, is no longer sufficient.
Possible causes:

  • degradation of the materials from which the structural elements are made, which can cause local reductions in load-bearing capacity, as well as deterioration in the strength of the entire structure,

  • change in the intended use of the facility resulting in excessive stress on the load-bearing elements of the structure,

  • fortuitous events, such as foundation settlement, strong impacts, fires, earthquakes. Their impact can cause local or extensive damage to the structure.

  • While excessive static loading creates problems for individual structural elements subjected to direct loading, dynamic loads, such as earthquakes and mining tremors, also put the connections of structural elements, such as beam/column junctions in reinforced concrete structures, connections between masonry and flat ceilings or vaults in masonry structures, to a severe test.

Renowacja Pawilonu Czterech Kopuł we Wrocławiu

Renovation of the Pavilion of the Four Domes in Wroclaw.


Visbud-Projekt Sp. z o.o. is a company that provides modern technologies and materials for the construction industry, comprehensively supporting architects and contractors in their projects.
Its offer includes products of the highest quality from global manufacturers such as Monolith, Ruregold and Forta Corporation. These materials form comprehensive technological systems, offering innovative solutions for new construction as well as renovation work.

Visbud-Projekt Sp. z o.o. is the exclusive distributor of the Ruregold brand in Poland. The company also provides thorough support to engineers, designers so that they can design and use Ruregold structural reinforcement systems with confidence.

For more information, visit the company's VISBUD-PROJEKT page on the A&B portal.

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