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Glass lighting installations in interiors

15 of December '23

Glass in architecture and interiors has always been present, but in the last year there has been a clear trend, even a vogue for the use of fused, textured glass, which takes various forms, once as walls and doors, glass table tops or elements of decorative lighting. A careful observer noticed many such examples at the recent Milan trade fair. In Poland, for more than 20 years, the design and production of such glass has been handled by the studio of artist Edyta Baranska, who has received multiple awards for her designs in London, Milan and Warsaw.

Zróżnicowana kolorystyka

Varied colors


Each lighting installation is a design and construction challenge, the color and shape of the glass to match the style of the interior is of course taken into account, but it is also extremely important to develop the structure, load and type of light sources.

Hotel Hilton Gdańsk - nocny efekt

Hilton Gdansk hotel - night effect


An example of the application of Edyta Baranska 's compositions in interior architecture are glass art installations, which like monumental chandeliers decorate the lobbies and lobbies of many prestigious hotels and private residences. The artist is always looking for a unique solution adapted to the style and character of the interior, often in this regard cooperating with excellent design studios.

Hotel Hilton Gdańsk - dzienny efekt

Hilton Gdansk Hotel - daily effect


More than 10 years ago, in the Hilton Hotel in Gdansk designed by the Kurylowicz studio, there was the first lighting installation in Europe designed by Edyta Baranska from 22,000. elements handmade from fusine glass, which developed the space of 4 floors with a length of 14 m and width of 7 m and a weight of about 1.5 t. The lighting installation was additionally equipped with fiber optics, which create an amazing lighting effect at night.

Hotel Plaza Katowice - lekka konstrukcja

Hotel Plaza Katowice - light construction


Recently, in cooperation with Konior Studio, glass installations were created to correspond with the modern interiors of the restaurant, reception and lobby of the Plaza Hotel in Katowice. The composition in the restaurant, due to the construction of the skylight, had to simultaneously fill the space of 9 m in length, along the entire restaurant, without exceeding the allowed load, so it was specially designed not to exceed 450 kg.

Grano Hotel Sol Marina - lustra

Grano Hotel Sol Marina - mirrors


Each installation is designed individually, both in terms of the shape of the glass elements, color and composition of the entire installation. An interesting solution was used in Grano Hotel Sol Marina designed by Ideographer Paulina Czurak on Sobieszewska Island in the vicinity of a bird sanctuary. The installation consisting of thousands of glass birds is suspended along a wall of mirrors, which multiplies its visual effect, creating the impression of a huge agitated cloud of birds. Each of the aforementioned installations required design collaboration at the earliest possible stage.

Efekt światłowodów - detal

Fiber optics effect - detail


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