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Premium home appliances - sophisticated design and innovative technologies from Vestfrost

14 of December '23

Vestfrost is a Danish manufacturer of premium home appliances. The brand has been operating worldwide for more than 60 years. It was brought to the Polish market several years ago by Vestel, a globally respected distributor, which in Poland manages brands such as Sharp. Toshiba, JVC and just Vestfrost.

Vestfrost's main differentiators are sophisticated design and innovative technology. This is a simple consequence of the Scandinavian pedigree of the brand and the resulting conviction that appliances, the things we surround ourselves with every day should not only be ultra-functional, but also beautiful.

Retro design połączony z funkcjonalnością

Retro design combined with functionality


The brand globally collaborates with respected interior designers. Many products have been developed precisely in collaboration with them, including twin appliances - a built-in refrigerator and freezer (so-called Side by Side). Another example of creative collaboration is the "Retro" series, offering refrigerator-freezers, hoods and freestanding kitchens in the style characteristic of the 1950s. Although these appliances look perfectly like the gorgeous models we know from the American cinema of the 1950s they are innovative on the inside. This is because they are saturated with modern technologies, features that make everyday life easier. The cooker hood instantly absorbs steam, odors and smoke, and thanks to its brushless motor is quiet and energy efficient. In the electronically controlled refrigerator-freezer, an air ionizer absorbs unpleasant odors, and NoFrostMulti keeps the walls frost-free and odors from permeating between compartments. In turn, thanks to a special Maxi Fresh filter, vegetables stay fresher and tastier for longer. A drawer with humidity control and a 0 compartment are also a convenience, while the kitchen is up to 5 gas burners, and a multifunctional oven with thermo-circulation and defrost option. Vestfrost has also taken care of safety with solutions such as the gas anti-outflow protection and automatic ignition of the burners in the knobs.

The line is offered in maroon, cream and sophisticated black.

Stylowe wzornictwo, zabawa stylów oraz wysoka funkcjonalność

Stylish design, fun styles and high functionality


A few years ago, Vestfrost created the "Art Collection" on the basis of the Retro line, which, having won several awards, allowed the brand to show even more strongly its interest in trends in the area of design. Vestfrost Art Collection combines artwork with the art of creating modern home appliances, with refrigerator-freezers as the backdrop for portraits by Ursula Clarise. All products in the Art Collection series are decorated with designs depicting legendary figures from the world of culinary, art and music.

Vestfrost is expanding its home appliance portfolio in the near future to include dishwashers, built-in ovens, washing machines and dryers.

These products will join other Vestfrost appliances offered on the Polish market: wine coolers (both large-sized and tiny under-counter appliances), small appliances (vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and humidifiers).

Products are offered to architects at special prices.

Estetyka i design a styl życia i zdrowie to dla nas idealne połączenie

Aesthetics and design versus lifestyle and health are the perfect combination for us


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