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ZIDA green roof technologies : green roofs, roof substrates

15 of December '23

Green roofs are an effective answer to many of the problems facing modern cities. Urban heat islands, suspended particulate matter, and excessive storm sewer loads are largely the result of the increasing development of green areas in city centers.

ZIDA offers reliable solutions to foster urban adaptation to climate change from the fields of green roofs, rainwater retention and tree planting in urban settings. The company provides support in the process of building a green roof from design through the supply of complete system solutions based on top products, to advice on execution and servicing. ZIDA provides its customers with professional training, provided by lecturers and experts of the Supreme Technical Organization.

Radisson Blu w Sopocie

Radisson Blu in Sopot


ZIDA is Poland's first manufacturer of high-quality volcanic roof substrates tumbled from indigenous raw materials. In addition to a range of standard substrates for green roofs, it also offers special-purpose substrates, including reinforced substrates for green fire roads and for tree plantings in road lanes. It also makes custom substrates, such as for tropical and xerothermic plants. ZIDA substrates, thanks to their content of aggregates of volcanic origin, have a unique ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They also meet the requirements of environmental certifications, including BREEAM.

Cooperation with accredited testing bodies and an in-house laboratory guarantee consistent top quality of products. The company constantly conducts research into new solutions that not only respond to changing realities, but also anticipate the needs of investors and designers.

Barka Cieślika - wielokrotnie nagradzany dom Daniela Cieślika z Anta Architekci

Barka Cieślika - the award-winning home of Daniel Cieślika of Anta Architects


ZIDA offers complete solutions for drainage and retention systems. It offers a wide range of materials with high technical parameters and thoughtful design. ZIDA's innovative drainage and retention materials enable the efficient and effective introduction of greenery on investments.

Zida WaterBox

A retention box that allows storage and subsequent recovery of rainwater and snowmelt. Allows the creation of a fully functional retention tank on the ceiling. Its unrivaled pressure resistance also allows it to be used as a buffer element under traffic surfaces. Manufactured from 100% recycled materials.

Pasieka na dachu zielonym centrum biznesowego Synergia w Łodzi

Apiary on the green roof of the Synergia business center in Lodz.



Textile retention and drainage mat completely resistant to compression. Provides twice as much water retention as a classic bucket film of the same thickness. Manufactured from 95% PET bottles and 5% waste from automotive textile production.


A wide line of specialized bucket films produced from HDPE - a material that is highly resistant to mechanical damage and has the property of returning to its original shape after being crushed. The films are made from recycled materials. Some of them are available integrated with a non-woven filter fabric.

Ogród tropikalny w Olivia Garden w Gdańsku

Tropical garden at Olivia Garden in Gdansk, Poland.


ZidaTex F100

Polypropylene nonwoven filter fabric with extreme durability (more than 100 years in the ground). Thanks to the combination of appropriately matched stretchability and absorbency, it allows water to effectively soak from the buckets into the substrate.

ZidaTex P300, P500

Polyester protective nonwoven fabrics providing puncture protection for waterproofing manufactured from 100% recycled materials.

Wielokrotnie nagradzany Dom Zmienny od Anta Architekci

Award-winning Variable House from Anta Architects


ZidaTex D100

An innovative diffusion membrane for green roofs in an inverted insulation system. It is waterproof but diffusion-open, so it ensures that moisture levels in the insulation layer remain low, improving performance.

ZIDA offers system solutions with Broof fire classification (t1 and t3) and warranties of up to 10 years:

  • for ultralight greening up to 45 kg/m2
  • for standard and lightweight roofs in extensive cultivation
  • for green roofs of the "flower meadow" type
  • for roofs in intensive cultivation with low, medium and high greenery
  • for sloping roofs with greenery
  • modular for steep roofs (ready-made tiles with plants)
  • for water retention roofs with water recovery.

Zielone torowisko w Poznaniu

Green track in Poznań


The company also offers proven solutions for the construction of green trackways, which reduce maintenance (including watering) and enable fast and cost-effective implementation of the project using custom-made materials.

In 2023, ZIDA introduced specialized substrates for tree planting in road lanes.

Their characteristic feature is resistance to compaction due to vibrations transmitted from the roadway. This translates into better conditions for root development and a reduced risk of tree death due to "suffocation" of the root ball by overly compacted substrate.

Substrate production plants and warehouses:
- Lower Silesia:
Skała 3, 57-150 Gołostowice
- Mazovia:
Wykusz street, 02-186 Warsaw
- Pomeranian:
Lotnicza Street, 80-297 Miszewo

For more information, visit the company's ZIDA Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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