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BauderECO roof insulation - advanced technology, caring for the environment

24 of June '24

From the series "Ecological solutions and technologies - trends 2024"

Introducing BauderECO - modern energy-efficient solutions that are good for your wallet and the environment. Discover new possibilities with our long-lasting insulated roofs. Contractors, investors and architects - it's time to move to the next level with our innovative thermal insulation! BauderECO not only protects the planet, but also provides economic benefits that speak for themselves.

The new nature of thermal insulation

BauderECO roof insulation is not just a product - it is a revolution in the approach to green building. Our roofs not only save energy, but also take care of the environment by providing excellent thermal insulation.

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In our approach to roof insulation, we have eliminated the traditional, wood as an insulating material, opting instead for innovative, environmentally friendly solutions. Our long-lasting insulated roofs are the fruit of advanced technology, allowing us to achieve unparalleled insulation without cutting down trees. In this way, we not only protect forests, but also create comfortable and healthy places to live.

Healthy for you

Unlike some natural insulation materials, BauderECO does not contain any indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde or binder. This means you can breathe clean air without worrying about harmful emissions.

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BauderECO has passed stringent tests for compliance with the AgBB (Commission for the Assessment of the Health Effects of Building Materials) guidelines in Germany. This means that our solution is not only mold-resistant and allergy-friendly, but also free of harmful substances such as biocides, pesticides and toxic boron salts.

Natural materials

An innovative solution based on biomass and recycled raw materials, offering maximum insulation with minimal use of raw materials and energy. Biomass is a key component of BauderECO, accounting for about 60% of all insulation. Crucially, our biomass comes from plant stalks, leaves and threshed corn ears - without the use of food.

skład izolacji BauderECO

composition of BauderECO insulation

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In addition, about 4% of our thermal insulation comes from recycled raw materials. At BauderECO, we use sawing and milling waste, which is collected and reprocessed into virgin raw materials through a special process. There's also innovative ingredients, such as shell lime, which makes up about 4% of the total insulation. Shells, which are a waste product in the food industry, have a gold value for us. We create the protective covering layer of BauderECO thermal insulation from them.

High quality materials

When comparing BauderECO with other roof insulation materials, the difference is unmistakable. Our thermal insulation offers excellent insulation at a low thickness, specifically λ 0.023/0.024. What does this mean for you? It means you can enjoy effective insulation without increasing the height of your roof.

wartości izolacyjności akustycznej BauderECO

BauderECO sound insulation values

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With a properly insulated roof, you will realize significant savings in both CO₂ emissions and heating costs, all in the long run. Now is the time to properly insulate your roofs and start saving energy while protecting the planet. Choose BauderECO and see how small changes can bring big benefits!

For more information, visit the company's BAUDER POLSKA Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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