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New opportunities for energy-efficient construction

18 of June '24

from the series "Ecological solutions - trends 2024"

Three-layer window installation, also referred to as "warm" or "tight" installation, is slowly becoming a standard in energy-efficient construction in Poland. This is one of the key elements of the strategy of Soudal, which was one of the first to introduce the technology of airtight installation of woodwork - Soudal Window System - and for the past few years has conducted an extensive campaign promoting this solution among professionals and individual investors. However, the company's experts have gone a step further, offering Soudal Window Installation - a system for the warm installation of windows in the thermal insulation layer that meets the most stringent requirements of passive construction, certified by the prestigious Passive House Institute.

płynna membrana

liquid membrane

© Soudal

The search for solutions that enable the improvement of a building's energy performance, and thus its pro-environmental dimension related to the reduction of energy consumption, is now a priority for leaders in the construction industry. Since its inception, Soudal has been making continuous efforts to develop innovative building chemistry materials and comprehensive systems that contribute to a significant reduction in the thermal energy loss of buildings. This is particularly important for investors today, since legal regulations are formulating increasingly stringent requirements, which also in the case of existing buildings means that thermal upgrading work must be carried out. One of the most key elements is the replacement of old windows with energy-efficient products, since leaky woodwork is one of the main routes of uncontrolled heat escape from the building. Therefore, effective and durable sealing of the window joint significantly reduces heat loss through this route, improving the energy performance of the building. In the case of the installation of new windows and doors, as well as the replacement of joinery, the Soudal Window System (SWS) - a three-layer installation of window joinery, which allows to obtain the highest thermal insulation parameters of the window joint, thus preventing energy waste in the house - is an excellent and appreciated solution. The system relies on the use of three layers with well-defined properties. The middle layer is polyurethane mounting foam with excellent thermal insulation properties. It tightly fills the free spaces, preventing heat loss through the gap around the window or door. For each type of window joinery construction, other formulations are dedicated, among them high-quality foams Soudafoam Classic, Soudafoam Maxi, Soudafoam Maxi Express, Soudafoam Low Expansion or Flexifoam. The protective role for the foams is performed by vapor-permeable tapes. Vapor-permeable tape forms the top layer and protects the foam from moisture penetration from the outside of the building, while vapor-proof tape protects against moisture penetration from inside the building.

SWS - taśmy paroizolzacyjne

SWS - vapor barrier tape

© Soudal

Replacing woodwork to reduce energy losses

It is worth knowing that three-layer installation is also recommended when replacing old windows. In this case, the use of Soudatight liquid membranes, which are a complementary part of the Soudal Window System, is particularly recommended for internal and external sealing. They are exceptionally easy to apply and can be applied even to very uneven substrates, which we face when replacing window frames in old and even historic buildings during their thorough renovation. Using Soudatight liquid membranes when replacing windows and doors, contractors are able to quickly complete the work without a significant time outlay. And in addition - the costs for the investor are really small. Importantly for difficult substrates - Soudatight coatings are highly flexible, do not require priming of the substrate and can be used even on damp or slightly dusty surfaces. They also have the added advantage of very low fugitive emissions - they carry the EC1PLUS mark .



© Soudal

SoudaFrame SWI - new possibilities for energy-efficient construction

SoudaFrame SWI is a new proposal from Soudal, which, in combination with the Soudal Window System, makes it possible to achieve even higher insulation parameters of the window joint. The main component of the system is a special SoudaFrame SWI mounting frame, made of GFRP material, which is a fiberglass-reinforced plastic. Importantly, about 75% less energy is used in the production of GFPR than in the production of materials such as steel or aluminum. The material is recyclable and can be reused, such as in the manufacture of cement. GFPR is ideal for the construction industry due to its load-bearing capacity, excellent thermal insulation, corrosion and weather resistance, dimensional stability (no shrinkage or expansion), which, combined with its light weight, is excellent for window installation. In addition, the material has thermal insulation properties similar to wood or other plastics, its thermal transmittance is very low. GFPR is also very durable, after curing it becomes resistant to UV radiation and other weather factors, so the profiles permanently retain their shape and color, and the resistance of the composite is comparable to that of steel or aluminum. Thanks to its properties that significantly improve the energy efficiency of the building, the SWI system has been certified by the Passive House Institute, which means that it meets the most demanding requirements of passive construction.



© Soudal

Soudal Window Installation (SWI)
- a system that reduces energy losses to a minimum

Soudal Window Installation is a proven and verified system that is urgently needed today, both in the construction of new buildings and the modernization of older ones.The correct installation of windows often causes the most problems in terms of the air tightness of the building, but at the same time plays a key role when it comes to improving its energy performance, as well as the performance of the woodwork itself. This makes me even more pleased that Soudal Window Installation has joined the group of certified products that can be confidently used in passive and highly energy-efficient buildings

- emphasizes architect Kamil Wisniewski,
director of the Polish Passive Building Institute and the Academy of Healthy Construction, an international trainer and expert in passive construction.



© Soudal

In the SWI system, the window is mounted in front of the face of the structural wall, directly on a special SoudaFrame mounting frame, which makes it possible to reduce to a minimum the number of metal supports, which are the main cause of thermal bridges around the window. This results in maximum thermal insulation of the window joint. After the window is installed on the SoudaFrame, the window joint must be sealed. In doing so, it is important to follow the guidelines of layered installation to seal the window joint. For this purpose, the manufacturer recommends using the compatible Soudal Window System airtight installation system.

For more information, visit the company's Soudal Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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