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Design and construction of luxury wooden stairs, floors and doors

11 of December '20

PANAS studio has been involved in the design and construction of luxury stairs, floors and wooden doors since 2003. Knowledge and experience have allowed us to create hundreds of interesting projects in the luxury goods sector.

We approach the expansion of both infrastructure and personnel facilities as we do our implementations - patiently working out the highest quality standards . As a result, the Panas Company is now a studio known and recognized as one of the leading craftsmen 's studios in Poland.




In 2013, our efforts on behalf of our clients were awarded the "Teraz Polska" emblem statuette in the "services" category, in the XXIII edition of the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation competition. It is a great honor for us to be among the honored Polish entrepreneurs. The statuette is proof of meeting high standards and a guarantee of the level of service, and our realizations.

Many years of experience have confirmed the conviction we had when taking our first steps in the market: the quality of the realization is a reflection of the quality of the whole enterprise. True handicraft requires the involvement of craftsmen who love their work, excellent materials, respect for nature which is our material. That is why we pay so much attention to employment standards, choose ecological raw materials, and continue to develop design and construction concepts.




We are eager to connect with people who inspire us and who are inspired by the results of our work. We permanently join forces with those who share our understanding of aesthetics and technological sophistication.


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