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Illuminated staircase from Carrot will work in any interior

05 of December '21

Illuminated stairs - practically and aesthetically
From the series "Interior design trends 2022"

Specialists in interior design agree on one thing: rooms aesthetically gain if they have different sources of light. Therefore, in addition to the main lamp, which illuminates the entire interior, we should also install smaller, additional lights that will create the right atmosphere on moody evenings. A useful and at the same time original solution in this regard will be illuminated stairs.

Comfort and aesthetics in one...

Thanks to the discreetly mounted in the construction of the staircase spotlights, the risers will be subtly ill uminated - this is not only an extremely aesthetic solution, but also gives a sense of everyday comfort. In addition, such illuminated stairs will look magnificent - they will gain visual lightness and the impression of almost floating in the air!

w zabudowanej konstrukcji zamontowane tuż nad stopniami

Lighting in a built-in structure mounted just above the steps


A solution for every type of staircase

No matter what type of staircase you decide on, remember that backlighting will always provide an interesting and functional solution. With wooden steps you will emphasize the natural texture of the grain and knots, which will optically warm up your interior significantly. And any minimalist designs using raw, smooth surfaces will gain more depth after using additional lighting.

Similarly, structures with treads and cheeks, as well as self-supporting, openwork ones, can be illuminated - it all depends on our invention and idea. After all, there are many ways to place lights. You can use halogen lighting or those with LED strips. Choosing the latter option, it will be much easier to discreetly place them in any type of staircase - while halogens will work better with more built-in structures or when they are installed just above the steps, directly in the wall to which the stairs are adjacent.

When deciding on an illuminated staircase, it is also up to you to decide whether you prefer a warmer or cooler light color. Your decision should be dictated by the existing interior design. We guarantee that in both cases the effect will be really excellent.

Przy oświetleniu
schodów raczej używa się energooszczędnych lamp o niskim natężeniu światła

When lighting the stairs, rather use energy-saving lamps with low light intensity


Energy-saving solution

Regardless of the type of illumination in the staircase, in any case rather use energy-saving lamps with low light intensity - after all, they are intended only to gently brighten the steps of the staircase, rather than, for example, for reading. The illuminated staircase should also not dazzle people who climb or descend it. Therefore, thanks to such use, they do not consume much energy, so we will hardly feel their use in electricity bills - and they will allow us to create a unique atmosphere.

Schody z jesionu
malowanego na biało i stalowymi tralkami z delikatnym oświetleniem

Stairs made of ash painted white and steel balusters with discreet lighting


Illuminated stairs will work well in any interior

Using illuminated stairs in your home, both traditional arrangements and modern apartments will look stunning - literally and figuratively! This is a versatile and fashionable form of decoration that suits any type of interior. With it, you will be able to further highlight the beautiful stately staircase, which is often the central decoration of many apartments.

We strongly encourage you to enrich your selected staircase realizations with an extremely practical and at the same time exceptionally aesthetic backlighting function. We assure you that once you turn on the illumination of your stairs, you will not want to give it up.

See more about illuminated stairs and other realizations on the manufacturer's website.

Formore information, visit the company 'sMARCHEWKA page on thePdA portal.

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