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Finished stairs and doors

20 of July '22

We have for sale stairs and doors for adaptation on an existing site or a new house project. The balustrade is prepared for carving according to the sample pattern or according to your own taste and idea.

Wzór balustrady

Balustrade pattern


Examples of carving patterns include MS-1, MS-6, MS-54, MS-129, MS-134, MS-137, MS-145, MS-149 on our website

Gotowe drzwi

Finished doors


Possibility to incorporate the stairs into the existing building, in the case of designing a house, the possibility of matching according to the measurements from the staircase project [according to the graphic]. Stairs and doors are made of Teak - wild wood from Brima.

Gotowe schody

Finished stairs


Everything can be viewed at the Marchewka company headquarters: Piotrowice 13 Ogrodowa Street, 55-311 Kostomłoty. You are welcome

More information: Stanislaw Marchewka 513 184 513

More information on the company's page MARCHEWKA on the A&B portal.

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