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Stairs and wooden floors in classic and modern styles

10 of September '22

It is difficult to buy stairs from a catalog. If we want to see if they are comfortable to walk on, let's go to the showroom of MARCHEWKA company, where as many as five models in different styles are presented. We will also choose a floor for the house - plank samples are available, so we can easily compare colors.


In addition, in the showroom we will see interior finishing elements such as beams, tables, casings and furniture. Those interested can also take a tour of the factory or admire the 200-year-old olive tree that adorns the showroom. In the showroom, we will see how to elegantly combine stone and wood without using cork. We will also see how the heated wooden floor works. The company has patented a special system for its installation. Another suggestion is a door mounted on an arched wall.

Wnętrze salonu

The interior of the showroom



Wooden st airs with self-supporting as well as concrete construction, in modern or classic style. All realizations are made to individual customer order.


The length can reach up to 9 m and the possible widths are from 16 to 35 cm. Marchewka company has a patented system of installing planks on underfloor heating. Depending on the customer's requirements, it is also possible to combine a wooden floor with stone or tile, without using unsightly strips or cork, finishing the joints between the materials.

Schody o konstrukcji betonowej z balustradą ręcznie rzeźbioną, drewno bodo

Staircase of concrete construction with hand-carved balustrade, bodo wood



Interior elements such as tables, doors, mezzanine floors, enclosures, or coffered ceilings are made of wood of domestic and exotic species, which gives interiors a unique atmosphere, a breath of elegance, charm, drawing out the best from the rooms.

For more information, visit the company's MARCHEWKA page on thePdA portal.

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